Monday, June 27, 2016

Tarhaka and Dr Walter Williams what your parents should have taught you ...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Assumed Name Certificate/Registration

Assumed Name Certificate/Registration
(by Jaro)

here's a new process, which doesn't remove your from the corporate Matrix, but which claims to give CONTROL over the JOHN DOE legal fiction NAME. Now it is NOT the regular fictitious name registration at the county, where you go as JOHN DOE and register a business NAME.
It is registration with the State Secr. of State, where you go as Jaro Henry Smith and register to do business in the State as JARO HENRY SMITH. So what it does, is SEPARATES you, the MAN, from the legal fiction entity that was created by your Birth Certificate.
Now, you gotta realize that United States (the federal gov't) is a FOREIGN CORPORATION with respect to a State. Courts ruled that. And foreign corporations are REQUIRED to register when doing business in a State. If they won't, they are operating ILLEGALLY.
And if the US is a foreign corporation, so are all its (14th Amendment) CITIZENS. So when you as a US citizen, try to do anything in a State, you not only are a corporation, you're a foreign corporation, operating illegally, i.e. WITHOUT being registered. And corporations HAVE NO UNALIENABLE RIGHTS; they are wholly subject to the legislature. That is, they are SUBJECTS.
And what happens in court? When you admit to be the NAME on the charging papers, you're offering yourself as a SURETY for the corporate NAME, so when the NAME is convicted, you assumed all the liability, including going to jail. BUT if you do the ASSUMED NAME REGISTRATION, you should have SEPARATED yourself from that legal fiction NAME.

The guy who came up with this, identifies himself as:

Herich, Douglas Joseph
Chief Executive Officer
Business entity ID# 824736000029
Of course I like better an AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE, rather than a CEO, since the NAME is not officially a corporation, just a legal fiction person.
For some reason he recommends filing that AN with the Secretary of State of Minnesota, although he lives in Nevada. It'd make more sense to do that in the State that you live in, but that's up to you.
And the link at the bottom is a pdf with what he wrote about it. I don't know how well this works as it is new to me, but it makes sense, as it should help you separate yourself from the dead legal fiction that all US citizens are dragging around with them.
And he also suggests that the name of a living man in this commercial world is written by putting the Surname first. Like this:

Smith, John Henry (Surname, Given name)
while legal name is 

Here's his BC marked with the ANC info, and says:
"This is the updated Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) that displays the "STATE" and "FILE NUMBER" as required by law. The people you are paying with those income taxes and property taxes are not explaining this to you. I am though. I also added the signature just below the original document and this explains that "THIS CHILD" is a First Middle Last name that is NOT me, but rather, the legal name given to me to USE in business transactions/commerce. I am a living man and this when combined with the ANC allows me to prove the truth and confirm I am NOT a legal fiction, my business is. This is HUGE folks and I may seem like a broken record but it explains why everything is so f#cked up."