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This shows you that a US person is a CORPORATION, or a FRANCHISE or other LEGAL FICTION. Why? Because this federal law refers to a U.S. person as IT. Are you "it"? So it seems to me that this gives you a VALID reason NOT to identify as a US citizen, but at best as the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE of it.
26 C.F.R. - CHAPTER I - PART 301
"§ 301.6109-1 Identifying numbers
(b)Requirement to furnish one's own number -
(1)U.S. persons. Every U.S. person who makes under this title a return, statement, or other documents must furnish its own taxpayer identifying the number as required by the forms and the accompanying instructions. "
This part of CFR is coded in Title 26 U.S. Code § 6109. Identifying numbers:
"(a) Supplying of identifying numbersWhen required by regulations prescribed by the Secretary:
(1) Inclusion in returns
Any person required under the authority of this title to make a return, statement, or other documents shall include in such return, statement, or other documents such identifying number as may be prescribed for securing proper identification of such person."
Now that is WORDED DIFFERENTLY but if anyone ever tells you that US Code replaced CFR, you can tell them that Title 26 is NOT positive law and as such can be REBUTTED with older legislation of Congress which hasn't been repealed, so you're rebutting it with 26 CFR 301.6109.
So basically, if anyone wants you to identify as US citizen, you can tell them that if you ID'd like that person in the past, it was a mistake and that you're not IT, so at best you're an AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE for that corporate person. And what's your authority for that? - You were issued (i.e. signed for) an SSN or other taxpayer identifying number.
Now being an A.R. doesn't remove your liability to pay your strawman's bills, fines, and taxes, but authorized representatives AREN'T bodily responsible so they should have no authority to hold you. In other words, this could be our "stay out of jail" card. So if they're eager to charge you with some jailable offense, they can do it under COMMON LAW and the laws of the Republic. And if they're unwilling to do that, that's THEIR problem.
So you now have a valid reason to sign everything as an Authorized Representative for the all-caps corporate NAME.
I mean, just because you used to identify yourself as someone in the past, doesn't mean that you remain that someone forever. THINGS CHANGE. For a long time, you were a boy or girl, but that doesn't mean that you're still that, does it?
This also could mean that your PRIVATE transactions are TAX EXEMPT. I'm talking about transactions in REAL MONEY, such as silver, gold or Bitcoin. And that's because while WHATEVER corporate US person does is subject to US statutes and codes, a PRIVATE person is only subject to such codes when under federal jurisdiction or using the internal currency of the federal gov't (FRNs).
And acting as an authorized representative, SEPARATES the PRIVATE person, from the CORPORATE US person.
I mean, OBVIOUSLY you aren't corporate US person since even courts won't let you defend yourself, but demand that you're REPRESENTED, even if you have to "REPRESENT YOURSELF". Which obviously means, that the charged PERSON is not you the man, but your corporate US person who HAS TO be represented by someone since legal fictions can't talk.
So when it comes to filling gov't forms, I'd check the US citizen, but signed it as Jaro H. Smith, A.R. And when it comes to identifying yourself to the "authorities" I'd just say that I'm an authorized representative for that all-caps NAME person. I mean, OBVIOUSLY, you're NOT "it", you're just an A.R. for that "it" corporate person.
Just remember that you're doing all this UNDER DURESS, UNDER PROTEST, and due to NECESSITY, since the United States is bankrupt and there's no real (asset) money in circulation.
So, Give Caesar what is Caesar's (such as a tax on income) and give Man, what is Man's (such as LAWFUL MONEY silver, gold, and Bitcoin, which is NOT income, since it's NOT DEBT that Congress borrowed from private bankers).
I.e. income belongs to the US corporate person JARO HENRY SMITH, while lawful money belongs to the man Jaro Henry Smith.
But you can only separate the two if you're an AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE for the corporate person. So that you can say 'These assets (silver, bitcoin, gold or PRIVATE property) don't belong to JARO HENRY SMITH, they belong to Jaro Henry of the family Smith, AKA Jaro Henry Smith (who is FOREIGN to their corporate jurisdiction).
BTW, by acting as an Authorized Representative for the corporate US person, you're doing TWO things:
1) You're separating the man from the corporate person,
and 2) You're accepting ONLY COMMERCIAL liability for that person, but NOT the CRIMINAL one.
So if they want to charge you criminally, they have to do it under COMMON LAW. And if they're unwilling or unable to do that, that's their problem.
Plus, you can tell them, "I'm willing to give Caesar what is Caesar's. Do you want to take what is God's?" I.e. your body belongs to God, so it is ONLY subject to the judgment of other MEN (i.e. the common law of the Republic), not the judgment of corporate persons (i.e. the codes and statutes of corporate Democracy).
Something to think about.
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