Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Tarhaka presents Dr. Charles B. Cook Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Tarhaka presents Dr. Charles B. Cook Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
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Wednesday, March 11, 2020



All debts fall ultimately to the people and to future generations. When banks are “too big to fail” they are bailed out by governments imposing further debt on the people. When governments have a debt crisis, they devise more ways to tax the people. This is because the people are the “credit of the nation”.

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When a bank extends credit, for a credit card or a mortgage, it’s your credit, not theirs. Banks do not loan their customers' deposits or their bank reserves. Instead, they record your credit as a bank liability on the private side of the ledger (which is hidden), and as a bank asset on the public side of the ledger (which is visible). Just like the Mafia, the banks have two sets of books.

A common misconception, taught in some economic textbooks, is that commercial banks function as “intermediaries”, lending their customers' deposits whenever the bank makes a “loan”. This deception has been exposed by money reformers advocating sovereign money issuance, supported by ample evidence, and ultimately confirmed by the administrators of the Bank of England in their first quarterly bulletin of 2014:

“Whenever a bank makes a loan, it simultaneously creates a matching deposit in the borrower’s bank account, thereby creating new money.” – Bank of England, Quarterly Bulletin, 2014, Q1

Because of this instant money creation process, it has been said that banks create money “out of thin air”. But bank credit has value in the real economy, so where does that value come from?

There is only one thing the loan manager in a commercial bank wants from a customer – their signature.

The customer's signature on a “promissory note” is what creates the “credit” by providing “commercial energy”. The bank issues the “loan” in “exchange” for the customer's valuable “promissory note”. The “promissory note” represents the “commercial energy” of a living man or woman, which is an “asset” to the bank, and to the market.

A “promissory note” is an “asset” created by a “man/woman”, and this “asset” can be sold and traded.

“What they do when they make loans is to accept promissory notes in exchange for credits.”
(emphasis added) – Modern Money Mechanics, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Your “promissory note” is really a “security purchased by the bank”, which then has an “accounts payable liability” that it pretends is a “loan”. You are the “creditor”. The bank is the “debtor”.

As a “creditor”, you have “issued security”.

Why does your “promissory note” have value in the real economy?

All money ultimately represents “human energy” as labor and ideas, backed by Nature. In essence, money is “energy” that “circulates” as “currency”, being “charged” and “discharged”. Embodied in your lifeblood, your “energy” has “volume”, “liquidity”, “velocity”, and it “flows” between “banks”, making “deposits” and “withdrawals”. Your “credit” originates from your inherent “productive capacity” which is only limited by your living energy, your knowledge, and by Nature. Therefore, you can “promise” your “credit” based on your “productive capacity”, and other people can have “faith” in your “promissory note”, which can be sold on the market. You are the “originator” of your “credit” and the living “principal creditor”.

Any medium of exchange, that allows the flow of productive energy between people, can function as money. There is no need for money to have an intrinsic value because it is simply an “energy token”.

Money is a community invention that enables trade beyond direct barter. Debt-free “sovereign money” can be issued by a sovereign nation as its prerogative, by a local community, or by open-source cryptographers for all people. The “utility” of money is maintained when it is created with a limited supply.

Historically, the supply of money has been limited by using a “bimetallic standard” in which the monetary unit is defined as equivalent to a certain amount of gold or silver. Unfortunately, whoever controls such commodity money wields extraordinary economic and political power.

The corruption of the medium of exchange by commodification, and by private issuance as interest-bearing debt, has hi-jacked the credit (commercial energy) of the people. The international bankers have captured the state's sovereign power of money issuance, and upon bankruptcy, they have installed a debt-money system using legal “person” NAME Trusts as “surety”. The Birth Certificate is a “bond” issued in the NAME of an Estate Trust. When a living man or woman unwittingly acts in “joinder” to a Trust resembling their lawful name, they take on the liabilities of the Trust as a Trustee or an “accommodation party”. In the debt-money system, the international bankers have literally become parasitic controllers of the peoples' credit, having engineered the alleged “loan” “contract”.

All people are born with energy as a source of “productive capacity” and are creditors by default. Whereas, all legal “person” fictions are created without any inherent “productive capacity” and are debtors by default.

Every man or woman who acts in “joinder” to a legal “person” NAME transmits their valuable “energy” into “commerce” as a legal incompetent, funding their own debt bondage.

Banks can “lend” at interest as long as people, and governments on behalf of the people, are willing to “borrow”.

When you go into a bank for a “loan”, you are taking your credit in the form of your “promise to pay” evidenced by your signature.

On the alleged “loan” contract, your signature transfers your “intellectual property” to the bank, so that the note can be securitized and hypothecated on the market. Your property includes your “power of attorney” which is also surrendered, allowing the bank to access, and trade on, the Birth Certificate Security Bond issued when you were born. The Birth Certificate Bond is issued in the NAME of an Estate Trust.

A living man or woman is a Grantor/Beneficiary/Heir/Agent/Executor to the NAME Estate Trust. But when they surrender their “power of attorney” they lose their living standing, becoming liable as a Trustee/Debtor for the NAME Estate Trust, which is “surety” for the corporate “National Debt”. The bank can now access the Birth Certificate, Security Bond. No one “signs” for the bank because it is a Trust agreement, not a contract. You walk in the door as a Creditor and walk out as a Debtor.

Banks do not use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), the standard framework of guidelines for financial accounting. Instead, banks use a double-entry system that accounts for both creditor assets and debtor liabilities.

When we look at both sides of the ledger, we can see that men and women are creditors, not debtors. That’s right, we loan the bank our credit, and they multiply it in a number of ways. Banks really do “extend credit”, but it's your credit that is extended for their benefit. You are shown only the side of the ledger that records you as a debtor, while the side of the ledger that records you as a creditor is hidden. The banker elites who designed the system did not want you to know that.

On the bank's asset side of the ledger, publicly visible, showing accounts receivable, you are the debtor and the bank is the creditor, while on the banks' liability side of the ledger, privately hidden, showing accounts payable, you are the creditor and the bank is the debtor.

Now you know why all debts fall ultimately to the people - you are a “creditor”, but only when living in your “private capacity” as a man or woman Get your tools your Secured Party and Creditor

Friday, March 6, 2020

Ok, when will you become a leader

Tarhaka Amaana El Bey
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Ok, when will you become a leader instead of following something and someone you have never seen and something you know nothing about if you would agree all Religions have the same mechanics.

#1you must believe instead of using your brain to think
#2 all Religions have an attachment called GOD which is all-powerful all-knowing everywhere at all times who blessed you with a new job, new car, new suit, etc, etc, so you believe but allow your children to be killed by police in the streets.

He is the owner of everything but he needs more money every Sunday because his representative the pastor needs a new Lexus.

#3 all Religions have literature attached to that particular Religion inside the book there are ten things God says you must not do or you will burn in hell and be tormented forever and ever BUT HE LOVES YOU! WOW! I have photos of the Christians
They are the ones looking up!

#4 the fourth thing all religions have in common is the attachment called fear it teaches you to be afraid of going somewhere to be tormented or going somewhere to live in some kind of do-nothing bliss. You know something is wrong when a man strapped a bomb on himself walk into a crowded place and blow himself up and innocent people including women and children all because of what he believes that his Religion dictates not to mention over 900 people drinking poison killing themselves in the name of Jesus.

The same thing goes for the Muslim the bottom line is you and I was born with a brain in our skull but someone introduced us to Jesus or Muhammad the Bible and the Koran but we both were not born with any of it.

When a man or woman use their brain to think instead of believing they have questions and that makes them dangerous.

Why Our People Should Stop Practicing Religion and Get Away From Churches and Mosque.

Special Guest Dr.Walter Williams.

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