Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Tarhaka on Racism, Police Shootings an the Solution Production 81 1

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tarhaka on Racism, Police Shootings an the Solution.

Tarhaka on Racism, Police Shootings an the Solution.
Tonight Sunday Aug 28th 2016 at 7:00 pm est
On Moorish Talk Live 100 at Blog Talk Radio
Call in # 310-982-4184

Special Guest Dr Walter Williams and Bro Yo El

What is the Solution to the problem of racism and police shootings in America.

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Is it Possible for People of African Decent, in America to get a Correct Education ?

Is it Possible for People of African Decent, in America to get a Correct Education ?

By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey

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Well I think that is a fair question, because we have thousands of people who look like me, working
their fingers to the bone, trying to raise enough money to send their children to college.

And a lot of those who do make it into college come out with college degrees.
But looking at the state of the so called black nation, nothing has changed.

I know of a young man whose mother sacrificed all that she had to send her son to a prominent so called black college, and he would come home on break, and I would invite him and his mother to
lunch or dinner, to ask him in front of her, the same question each year.

And each year he would give me the same answer....( I DON'T KNOW !)

The question is please tell me who you are without telling me your name? He has not given me the answer yet, and I have been asking for 5 years.

Well he has graduated now at the top of his class I might add. And is off to find a job to match his degree, I have been waiting on him to tell me about the company he has decided to create and the job's he will provide for his people, as president, owner, lead share holder of his own corporation or industry.

In my opinion I'm still looking for the true power of the education he got.

A nation called America cannot afford to educate people who look like me, because America has never been without it's slaves.

In order for me or someone who looks like me to get correct education in the United States of America
the following questions must be answered, and fully understood in the mind.

  1. Who am I ?
  2. Who and what is GOD ?
  3. Who are the rightful owners of this land?
  4. Do black people exist ?
  5. What is my Nationality ?
  6. Has there ever been a man, who walked the earth by the name of JESUS CHRIST ?
  7. What is the true name of this land ?
  8. Were people who look like me on this land as free people, before anyone else ?
  9. What is my ancient story ?
  10. If my body dies will I live again ?
    These are just a few vital questions that must be answered before leaving home for the first time to go to school and be taught reading, writing, and arithmetic.
    In his book the Mis -Education of the negro Mr Carter G. Woodson stated to his dismay that getting an education in America was the worst thing he ever done, the words he learned, were the very words that separated him from the very people he went to school to learn how to save.
In her book the Isis Papers Dr Frances Cress Welsing laid out for us the Global System of White Supremacy ….Economics, Education , Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Sex, Religion, and War.
A Nation maintains control of it's slave population by controlling these 9 points.

But what happens when the slave population takes control of these 9 points ?

Well it's a different ball game !.
In closing I would like the reader to consider the words of our illustrious Brother Malcolm X
By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Foreclosure, Mortgage Fraud, student loans, child support, credit card debt Etc;.....BE GONE!

Foreclosure, Mortgage Fraud,Right to Travel, I.R.S. debt, Student loans, Child support, Credit card debt Banking Fraud, Etc;.....BE GONE! 
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Was the Negro, Black, Colored, Afro American, African American, or Niger, ever a person ?

By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey

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WOW! Good question !, and if he or she wasn't a person in the beginning, then when did he change his status ?

Before we get down into this article maybe we should get some definitions straight about the question.
What is the definition of the word person any way ?

What is a person?
PERSON = "any entity that has the moral right of self-determination." Intelligence, Self-awareness and Consciousness.
Well now lets see if the Negro ever had any of that !
After careful examination of the ancient records of the man and woman in question I found nothing that would qualify him to be a person.
Instead I found negative information about his and her qualifications.
Who and What is a Negro?
The New York World under date of January 15, 1923, published a statement of Drs. Clark Wissler and Franz Boaz (the latter a professor of anthropology at Columbia University), confirming the statement of the French that Moroccan and Algerian troops used in the invasion of Germany were not to be classified as Negroes, because they were not of that race. How the French and these gentlemen arrive at such a conclusion is marvelous to understand, but I feel it is the old-time method of depriving the Negro of anything that would tend to make him recognized in any useful occupation or activity.

The white world has always tried to rob and discredit us of our history. They tell us that Tut-Ankh-Amen, a King of Egypt, who reigned about the year 1350 B. C. (before Christ), was not a Negro, that the ancient civilization of Egypt and the Pharaohs was not of our race, but that does not make the truth unreal. Every student of history, of impartial mind, knows that the Negro once ruled the world, when white men were savages and barbarians living in caves; that thousands of Negro professors at that time taught in the universities in Alexandria, then the seat of learning; that ancient Egypt gave to the world civilization and that Greece and Rome have robbed Egypt of her arts and letters, and taken all the credit to themselves. It is not surprising, however, that white men should resort to every means to keep Negroes in ignorance of their history, it would be a great shock to their pride to admit to the world today that 3,000 years ago black men excelled in government and were the founders and teachers of art, science and literature. The power and sway we once held passed away, but now in the twentieth century we are about to see a return of it in the rebuilding of Africa; yes, a new civilization, a new culture, shall spring up from among our people, and the Nile shall once more flow through the land of science, of art, and of literature, wherein will live black men of the highest learning and the highest accomplishments.
Lets get to the bottom of this problem!
In order for the reader of this article to get a clear and concise pitcher of the situation, its only fair to look at both sides of the photograph involving snapshots in time.

If I call a man or woman a dog, Negro, Colored or Black Etc; etc. ! What basis do I really have for doing so?
What does my record reveal about me ?
We will start with the record by Stanley Lane Poole Author of The Moors in Spain page # 135/136
 The whole city was full of noble buildings, among which were counted more than fifty thousand houses of the aristocracy and official classes, more than a hundred thousand dwellings for the common people, seven hundred mosques, and nine hundred public baths. The last were an important feature in all Moslem towns, for among the Mohammedans cleanliness is not "next to godliness," but is an essential preparation for any act of prayer or devotion. While the mediæval christians forbade washing as a heathen custom, and the monks and nuns boasted of their filthiness, insomuch that a lady saint recorded with pride the fact that up to the age of sixty she had never washed any part of her body, except the tips of her fingers when she was going to take the Mass—while dirt was the characteristic of Christian sanctity, the Moslems were careful in the most minute particulars of cleanliness, and dared not approach their God until their bodies were purified. When Spain had at last been restored to Christian rulers, Philip II., the husband of our English Queen Mary, ordered the destruction of all public baths, on the ground that they were relics of infidelity.


The Black Death: The Greatest Catastrophe Ever

The disastrous mortal disease known as the Black Death spread across Europe in the years 1346-53. The frightening name, however, only came several centuries after its visitation (and was probably a mistranslation of the Latin word ‘atra’ meaning both ‘terrible’ and ‘black)’. Chronicles and letters from the time describe the terror wrought by the illness. In Florence, the great Renaissance poet Petrarch was sure that they would not be believed: ‘O happy posterity, who will not experience such abysmal woe and will look upon our testimony as a fable.’ A Florentine chronicler relates that,

All the citizens did little else except to carry dead bodies to be buried [...] At every church they dug deep pits down to the water-table; and thus those who were poor who died during the night were bundled up quickly and thrown into the pit. In the morning when a large number of bodies were found in the pit, they took some earth and shovelled it down on top of them; and later others were placed on top of them and then another layer of earth, just as one makes lasagne with layers of pasta and cheese.

The Black Death was an epidemic of bubonic plague, a disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis that circulates among wild rodents where they live in great numbers and density. Such an area is called a ‘plague focus’ or a ‘plague reservoir’. Plague among humans  arises when rodents in human habitation, normally black rats, become infected. The black rat, also called the ‘house rat’ and the ‘ship rat’, likes to live close to people, the very quality that makes it dangerous (in contrast, the brown or grey rat prefers to keep its distance in sewers and cellars).
The Black Death, 1346-1353. The Complete History (Boydell & Brewer, 2004)
  • Ole J. Benedictow, ‘Plague in the Late Medieval Nordic Countries’, Epidemiological Studies(1996)
  • M.W. Dols,The Black Death in the Middle East (Princeton, 1970)
  • J. Hatcher,Plague, Population and the English Economy 1348-1530 (Basingstoke, 1977)
  • J. Hatcher ‘England in the Aftermath of the Black Death’ (Past & Present, 1994)
  • L.F. Hirst, The Conquest of Plague (Oxford, 1953).
Well that will do it for me i'am done!
In order for there to be a Negro of any kind there had to be a cover up of his ancient story, the destruction of his and her true identity, and the separation from the human family on earth.
By doing these things we can manufacture a new identity for him and her minus a Nationality, which keeps him and her detached from the rest of the world and disregarded as a person that has the attributes out lined and belonging to a person, self-determination." Intelligence, Self-awareness and Consciousness.
By creating labels for him and her and branding him and her as Negro, Black, Colored, Afro American, African American, or Niger.

We can regard them as property.
But we have a problem with that according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
States the following on Article # 9 No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile. Article #12 No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Article # 13  Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
(2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

Article # 15 (1) Everyone has the right to a nationality.
(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

Well this takes on new meaning, because we now know there was no such thing as Negro, Black, Colored, Afro American, African American, or Niger, in ancient yesterday or his-story and there is no such thing as that today.
According to the evidence presented in this article alone, is enough to file massive law suites across the land, depriving a man or woman of their Nationality is a crime that ranks with genocide and treason.
So my question is, do you have anything on paper (evidence) listing you as Negro, Black, Colored, Afro American, African American, or Niger, If you do, congratulations
YOU HAVE A LAW SUIT!............! Because you were a people with an ancient past all along.

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By Tarhaka Amaama El Bey.
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Which Wolf will You Feed ?

By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey
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I would like to start by asking you a question? If you knew for a fact, that there were no prosperous Moorish communities in the United States, could you see an opportunity for a new kind of market?
Could you envision a new frontier, of great wealth, prosperity, and plenty ?
Is such a thing possible? Well lets see!.
An elder Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life.
He said to them, "A fight is going on inside me ... it is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.
One wolf represents: fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. · ·
The other stands for: joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.
This same fight is going on inside you, and inside every other person, too."
They thought about it for a minute and then one child asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?" The old Cherokee simply replied... "The one you feed."
Across the United States of America the Moors are living in what is commonly called neighborhoods, full of rich resources, and UN-employment is high. Out in the suburbs are many empty lots just sitting there vacant.
With good rich soil, that can be turned over and used to grow food, which will intern provide self employment for the old and young.
There are stores in those neighborhoods occupied by foreigners who suck the life out of the area, by buying food stuffs from some where else, sells it to you and take the small amount of cash you may have out to be spent some where else, leaving you high and dry.
Day after day, week after week, year after year!,....There is a liqueur store on every corner and a church in between every block, but the money keeps flowing out day in and day out, and the neighbor hood is left in shambles.
What the Moors have to unite under, is establishing their own
Economic bases through out the neighbor hood.
Lets take one example in one city in America first they have to include every Moor in their square block, lay out a full blue print and plan of action, that every one in every house can see where they fit in, and spelling out how they can profit, what they can profit, why they can profit, when they can profit,
where they can profit, and who says they can profit.
This must be done by pointing out the benefits to be gained and losses to be avoided.
raise money and invest in Marking the territory to clearly show all
People in that square block where the project will take place and is located for example billboards
With a giant Fez on it and nothing else, or large signs saying coming soon Moorish Gardens etc, etc.
This billboard should be placed at every entrance and exit of their neighbor hood.
All stores that are not owned by Moors or people of African
Decent must be boycotted, each house in this square block must
Be visited and the resident must be informed in detail of the plan
To own the entire block and how they can benefit by getting on board.
Each resident should be encouraged to communicate to have one
Mind and to invest in the project.
The Moors should never allow any money to leave their neighbor hood
After the boycotts are over and the people who are not Moors or
People of African decent have been forced out you move in and stock the shelves with your organic produce but don't forget to keep the out door market stocked up as well !.
Now the small donations from the neighbors who will benefit can be used to rent,
Own, stock, and control the buildings that have been vacated, educational centers can be set up for the young minds, open your own hair and nail shops for your people.
The moors should choose the best credit union possible for deposits
And reinvestment in their project, until you can build one right behind the fruit stand
embellished by Moringa and other fruit trees.
The Moors should began immediately teaching and growing their own
Food each house in the neighbor hood should be encouraged to grow food
In their own yard or in pots even if they live in an apartment.
All vacant lots between houses should be utilized to grow food, also
set up hydro-ponic stations, so you harvest organic fish to sell to other markets.
See Will Allen on(you tube on hydroponics)
The Moors should gather the men of the neighbor hood to provide
Protection, security, police, and enforcement by day and by night
Each man will simply ride threw and walk threw and around that full block
Observing any and all activity with phone, walk e talkies or the latest
Communication devices and a central base of dispatch in the time
Of situation or problem.
Each house in that square block must be protected.
All major decisions must be addressed at scheduled weekly hood
Meetings and agreed upon before action is taken and monies invested.
All people in this square block must have food clothing and shelter
All political decisions must be agreed upon by the full square block and
The politicians contacted in advance to make sure they will
Agree to concessions in return for the full block vote.
SINGLE PARENT HOMES in That square block
All single parent homes in this square block must be contacted and
Necessary support provided by the full block.
This full block should welcome capitol in commerce from people
Outside the full block, but no setting up of shop, if they are not
Moors and are not willing to follow the rules and guidelines set
By the full block, they must not be allowed to take up resident
And must be asked to leave the square block immediately and the
block community policies enforced.
The remedy for such must be put into the by laws and rules and must
Be strictly enforced by the men of the community by any means
The people of this square block should be offered self defense classes
Hunting and fishing skills, target practice and other skills in this area
Including access to communication with security forces 24 hours a
Day and full time employment.
The fence of this square block should not be made of metal, gates, or
Bars but should be constructed with corporation, trust, protection,
Knowledge of self, watch, and the marker the billboard with the Fez
on it.
Security forces comprise the selected voices of the men who live in the
Community they will enforce community law.
Young men will be taught by the elder men and women of the block at large
communication between all residents must take place.
A complete list of addresses and phone numbers, email addresses must
Be provided to each house of the full block, whether they have a computer or not.
The elderly must be protected at all cost
This is just a small part of what can happen when you change your mind and habits
Because the Moors have awaken the sleeping giant is standing up in his room.
He has riches in his own back yard, just beneath the soil, and he knows which wolf to feed !.
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By Tarhaka Amaama El Bey.
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nationality vs. Commerce

By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey
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Does Nationality have anything to do with commerce ? The answer in my opinion is yes and no!.
Well lets rephrase the question or spell it out.
If you ever went to jail or prison, you signed your way in and signed your way out! But as soon as you got out you threw away the paper work that had you listed as Black by the institution that enslaved you.
Ok ! so much for that law suit, no evidence no case!.
When does Nationality and commerce collide?
When you have been put into a position, involving paying money and oppression at the same time.
Case in point, you go in to fill out an application for a job, and on the application it says race White, Black, Hispanic, Other, now at this point most people who look like me pause and think, because we have heard a lot of stuff about Nationality.
But this company must be trying to pull a fast one!, the part we really hate is the one that says Other!
because if we check that one, I may have to explain myself at the interview if, I get lucky to get one.
And I don't know enough yet or I know to much, and will blow me and them out of the water.
So we better play it safe and check Black.
Now lets say you got the interview, and the job, but that black stuff and Other is still bothering you.
Well the problem in the first place, is you needed money! And you thought you needed a job to get it.
Have you ever noticed when politicians are running for office one of the top tickets and statements are Together we will get America back on its feet, by working hard to provide more JOB'S.
The working man and woman in America has had enough, THEY NEED JOB'S!!
No one running for office, ever SHOUTS IN PUBLIC! anything about the average man and woman in America needing their own company, and being self sustaining or self sufficient.
But after the election that you voted in, you notice every gas station, restaurant, hair salon, nail salon,convenient store, dollar tree, wall mart etc; etc. have an owner that don't look like you!.
And you feel stuck!. And go off at the gas pump!.
You let um have it!. My Nationality is so and so! And you don't belong in this neighborhood!.
Well now this post is to get you to look at the perceived problem from a different perspective.
Every man and woman on this land is born with a certain amount of time in a day and it is what you do with your time, followed by action that can make the difference for you.
Oh! and once again THINK! THINK! THINK!
The economics of banking is counterfeiting. We have been deceived into thinking that we were lent other
depositor’s deposited funds. Banksters cause us to think that if we do not pay back those funds, the bank
and its depositors will be out the cash. Remember, all you borrowed was monetized credit, which your signature created – probably about $100,000.00 – 10% of which they extended back to you. You lent yourself the funds. Why are you paying back anyone? Ask a banker about this, as I did, and watch him stop breathing.
There is no money in America!
If a counterfeiter counterfeits $$$ and lends it to us, do we have any moral or legal obligation to repay the loan? NO ! The law (statute) says counterfeiting is illegal and that we do not have to repay the counterfeiter. But the banksters are careful. The bank’s own published manual claims, “Money does not have to be issued by the government or be in any special form. Money is anything that can be sold for cash and which the banks accept as money”. Aren’t they a riot?
The story about Dan Mahowney who allegedly defrauded the bank out of several million $$$ and also the story about Frank Abegnale in his book Catch Me If You Can never took anyone else’s cash. Dan and Frank signed for every note they received. They created the funds themselves. No one lost any $$$, neither the investors in Mahowney’s case nor Pan Am employees in Abegnale’s case. I’ll bet to this day, both these men think that they did something illegal. Yet, not one living soul lost any $$$ to either of them. The corporate entities pretended theft and had them punished in order to preserve and perpetuate the scam.
When you purchase something from a shop and then return it, why are they so intent on getting back your receipt? No, not to prove you paid for it, because you can’t pay for anything. This receipt is the evidence of exchange. The goods don’t matter, any more than the principal on a ‘loan’ matters. All they want is the interest. Look at your minimum payment due on your credit card statement; its only the interest. The
‘loan’ doesn’t exist!.
They MUST pay the IMF the interest on the loan.
A friend responded, “We don’t worry about money, if that’s what you’re asking.” I was glad to
hear this but I know its only a matter of time. He and his wife are paying, via their labour, probably 4 times the price of their 5 bedroom house which translates into 30 years of paying for the cost of maybe 6 months labour plus the supplies it took to build. This disparate ratio seems never to be questioned. Whom are they paying? The banks. For what? Credit. Did they get anything for their labour? You might think they got their house for their labour yet they did not; they got their house for their signature on the promissory note. Their ‘labour’ is the confiscation of their lives.
The actual process of money creation takes place primarily in banks ... bankers discovered that they
could make loans merely by giving their promise to pay, or bank notes, to borrowers. In this way banks
began to create money. Transaction deposits are the modern counterpart of bank notes. It was a small step
from printing notes to making book entries crediting deposits of borrowers, which the borrowers in turn
could ‘spend’ by writing checks, thereby ‘printing’ their own money. – Modern Money Mechanics, Federal
Reserve Bank of Chicago.
I first became aware that all my suspicions about the banking system were accurate when I read Thoren’s book, Truth In Money. I learned that all money is ‘borrowed into existence’. It doesn’t exist until someone borrows it. It is ‘debt-based money’, hence it is not really money since real money is based upon substance
– gold, silver, etc. If ‘money’ is borrowed into existence, then this is all that exists. So, where is the
‘interest’? It doesn’t exist. How can it possibly be paid? It can’t be paid because it is not part of what is
created. It simply does not exist. The currency we use is based upon our future labour which the Feds have
promised to the banksters. It also does not yet exist. Future generations are already enslaved to pay a debt
which does not exist.We can’t pay debt with something of no substance. We also need to take a look at how the account
statements were created. Goods and services are assigned a value; everything is only true because someone
says so and someone else agrees to it. Do you ever question your bills, which are not true bills in commerce
but rather ‘statements of account’? ... not the ‘amount due’, but the concept . What if you found out that
everything you ever needed or wanted was already paid for? – that you didn’t owe anyone anything?When you go into a store to buy a book and you pay in whatever manner you choose, what do you get
for the payment? No, not the book; you get a receipt. The evidence for this is that the dollar amount on the
receipt matches precisely the dollar amount on your payment. It is an exact exchange. The book is not even part of the equation. It was pre-paid; all you did was go to the store to claim and retrieve it. In order to
understand the concept of ‘pre-paid’,.
Well now if this is the case, life should take on new meaning, operating this way can free up more time to do that in debt investigation about your Nationality.
Ok now we got it, learn everything we can possibly learn about ourselves and definitely learn every thing we can about this commerce business going on in America.
Some of the above information was taken from a dear lady named Mary Croft just type her name into Google or you tube and check it out.
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By Tarhaka Amaama El Bey.
Have a nice day!

What is an American exactly ?

By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey
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Lets take a look, Americans are citizens of the United States of America. The country is home to people of many different national origins. As a result, many Americans do not equate their nationality with ethnicity, but with citizenship, allegiance and culture. Wikipedia.
MICHEL-GUILLAUME DE CRÈVECOEUR was a French settler in the American colonies in the 1770s. Coming from France he could not believe the incredible diversity in the American colonies. Living in one area, he encountered people of English, Welsh, Scots-Irish, German, French, Irish, Swedish, Native American, and African descent. "What then is the American, this new man?" He could not be sure, but he knew it to be different from anything that could be found on the European side of the Atlantic.
At the time of the American Revolution, English citizens made up less than two thirds of the colonial population, excluding Native Americans. Nearly one fifth of the population was of African descent. Of the white population, there was still tremendous diversity, particularly in Pennsylvania, America's first MELTING POT. Most numerous of the non-English settler population were the Germans and the Scots-Irish.
Now this is quite interesting because back in Europe according to Author J.A. Rogers in his book Nature Knows no Color Line, during the same time period, the people referred to above as (African decent) were called Moors!. And there are many photographs of these same Moors appearing on the coat of Arms of the so called royal families of Europe! Hummmmmmmm!.
When he tried to get his book's published in the United States he was told he had to change the word Moor to Negro. Also please read …. Nature knows no color line (see page 69 The Negro as Moor ).
Now my question is where did this business about an American come from ?, If there were Native people already on the land with the largest percentage of population in the first place, What were they calling their own land.? And where in the heck did the words Native American, Negro, Indian, come from? What is that?.
This seems to be the biggest cover up in the ancient annals of un-recorded time.
According to one Moorish brother: Amexem
Amexem, is one of the many historical names of the land mass that includes North, Central, and South America, as well as surrounding islands. Other historical names are Al Moroc, Morocco, West Africa, Northwest Africa.
United States of America Is Amexem
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by Nasir Bey July 29, 2012.
Well if that is true, then that settles it !, its time to contact the news papers, magazines, radio, and television networks, to make the necessary correction.
Congress must be notified !, the president of the United Amexem States !, must be put on notice!
Every county, city, State, pool hall and prison must get this Nation Breaking News!
Otherwise this fraud about there actually being a real place called America and people who were already on their own land, with a name and Nationality will continue!.
See Judgment filed 1-22-2011 regarding Moor of Northwest Amexem
Posted on January 24, 2011by MoorishNews
Zilliah S. El – Judgment 012211 v1
Exhibit AO
Case/Docket # 7009 0080 0001 3575 4799
Above link has signed Judgments.
The following Judgment has been filed 1/22/2011 regarding case/docket#7009 0080 0001 3575 4799.
This case gave the United States of American courts, the chance to come right out and state for the record, there is no such place as Amexem!, there is no such people as Moors!, the Indians were were here first!, and all people on this land of African decent came over later on slave ships to be our meaning (Caucasians) slaves for ever!.
Well I don't think the question has been quite settled yet!. This is exactly the way I see it, the same way this fellow see's it. My hope in writing this is to help you, the reader, make sense of it all, which will require you to wash your mind clean of the brainwashing you were subjected to by our government, our government controlled public schools and church’s and re-educate yourself. When you understand the actions, the reactions will make sense, and it should anger you! Eventually, you will have a choice to make; a choice that will define: “How to survive life in, The Matrix?” In “The Matrix” nothing is real however, your mind has been conditioned to believe it is real! The Matrix is far too big to defeat; no one can escape it, and we haven’t the means or intelligence to beat those in control! Through my research, I discovered that America is a society of functional illiterates! I remind you that this is not my opinion, I’m just the messenger!
So lets see now! Most every one on this land, will tell you they believe there were people in a place called Rome calling themselves Romans, and people in China calling themselves Chinese, and people living in India calling themselves Indians, and people living in Ancient Egypt calling themselves Egyptians. But my question is Where are the descendants of the Ancient Egyptians?,did they become extinct ? Did they just fall off the face of the earth?. Where is Negro, Afro American, African American, Black, Colored land located on the map?. AND WHAT HAPPEND TO ALL OF THE ANCIENT MAPS ON EARTH ? .Where did they go? Is the word America on them? Hummmmmm!. That may explain their disappearance!. I truly know if we can get at the ancient roots of the above question, we can unravel and uncover the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Many will tell you if you are willing to go along with the scam, you will get benefits and remedy from oppression, but I don't want that, I want the truth and, ill do the rest!.
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By Tarhaka Amaama El Bey.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is there any excuse for not knowing the law ?

By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey.

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Lets take a look at the word excuse itself!.
The best definition of the word excuse I ever heard, was as follows: (An excuse is nothing more than the skin of a lie, stuck with a reason!).

Now lets take a look at the word law, lets see now! Your walking threw the bush in the woods, you hear a rattle snake rattling, but you don't see him! Do you stop! Or yield and proceed with caution ?

One more time you pass a sign that says slow speed to 30 mph, curve up ahead, do you slow down or maintain your current speed ? If you are doing 60 mph or 30 mph all you see is the curve up ahead
you won't see the invisible law that sends you over the embankment, if you proceed at 60 mph or yield and proceed with caution on an unseen rattle snake.

The answer to the above question of (Is there any excuse for not knowing the law ?)...IS NO!
But where does law come from? It comes from civilized people with common sense! From nature!
Many people in the past had to learn the hard way!....They refuse to use common sense.

I watched a man once protesting at a nuclear power plant take a can of gasoline and dowse himself and light a match, he was burned to death, there was nothing available to put out the fire.
And all the other sign carrying protesters gave him a lot of room.

We had another man down here in Florida, with a house built over the swamp near the ever glades, something went wrong with his plumbing, so he got down in the swamp water under the house to fix it and was attacked by a 10 foot alligator, he escaped but before he could heal from his wounds he went back under the house again, and was struck by a cotton mouth water moccasin. After that he finally learned some sense.

It is very important for you to learn the law, whether you learn it from nature or a law book LEARN IT!
The law is all around you and every where the bottom line is THINK! THINK! THINK!.

You don't wait for war to break out, to start making ammunition, you make ammunition in peace time.
You don't wait to get stopped and robbed by policy enforcers masquerading as law enforcement officers before you learn the real law.
You don't wait to go into an administrative office before an administrative employee masquerading as a court and judge, you learn the law now!.

You must know for a fact which end of the rattle snake your gonna be on!.
All to often we hear people say (KNOWLEDGE IS POWER) but knowledge not acted upon doesn't do you much good, because well done beats well said every time.

Me personally, I deal with law every day....Nature, debt, foreclosure, health, etc.
It's a good habit being lawful and doing the right thing.

But we must know the difference between legal and lawful. You always want to start with knowledge of Self. Knowing who you are and what is being done to you, and by whom and why.
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