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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Successfully Dealing with Child Support, Student Loans, Credit Card Debt Etc;

By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey.

I knew something was wrong, when I was told by a Caucasian prosecutor, that I owed the court and her judge friends money for child support, of my own children who look like me.

When I met my child's mother there was no one there at the meeting, but me and her, I tried to find out where the contract came from, that made me liable to another race about children who look like me.

And what I really did not understand is the fact, I had the children with me and the mother, however the Caucasians told me they had an agreement with the mother of my children.

But what did that have to do with me!?
Never the less I went to the Court with my shoe box full of recipes, clearly showing I had provided for my own children, I was told by the judge, that I was free to leave the court house.
But again I received a letter stating I was to appear before the same judge in the same court room, again I walked in with my shoe box and again I was told, I could leave the court house.

And once again I received a letter to come to court about my children, so I came but this time I left the shoe box home, I explained to the judge I have been here three times with proof, that I did not owe him or his court anything about my children, and in fact I was not going to allow him to give me anything in regards to my children.......He became angry and turned red as fire.

I was hoping in my soul, that he jumped up from the bench and moved toward me, but he didn't....(DOG!)
he told me I owe child support and that was the bottom line.

A lot transpired as a result of that day, some of which I am forced to take to my grave.
The man caused a lot of pain and suffering.

But today is a new day, I don't do things the way I used to do them, I deal with this and other things like Student Loans, Mortgage, Foreclosure, Right to travel, Credit Card Debt, Etc, etc.

Using knowledge of self and the power of paper, it cost less and a lot more fun than revenge. (sometimes).

A man I worked for once, worked me for a whole month, when it came to pay day he wouldn't pay
me, I told my uncle about it, my uncle wrote me a letter and told me to give it to him, so I did, the man immediately reached into his pocket and pulled out a large wad of money and paid me what he owed me and gave me an extra $50,00.

I was impressed by how polite he was to me, as a result of a single piece of paper in a sealed envelope.
Hummmmmmmmmm! I wonder what was on the letter ?

When I went back to my uncle house, and told him that the man had paid me, he replied with (I KNOW DAM WELL HE DID!)
Oh yes the power of paper,
The same type of thing happened in Chicago to Al Capone, he was in court facing racketeering, murder, conspiracy ,Etc, etc. before the trial began the judge was handed a letter by someone.
The judge opened the letter an read it, grabbed his gavel slammed it down and said Capone was not guilty. The power of paper is indeed wonderful.

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