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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is there any excuse for not knowing the law ?

By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey.

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Lets take a look at the word excuse itself!.
The best definition of the word excuse I ever heard, was as follows: (An excuse is nothing more than the skin of a lie, stuck with a reason!).

Now lets take a look at the word law, lets see now! Your walking threw the bush in the woods, you hear a rattle snake rattling, but you don't see him! Do you stop! Or yield and proceed with caution ?

One more time you pass a sign that says slow speed to 30 mph, curve up ahead, do you slow down or maintain your current speed ? If you are doing 60 mph or 30 mph all you see is the curve up ahead
you won't see the invisible law that sends you over the embankment, if you proceed at 60 mph or yield and proceed with caution on an unseen rattle snake.

The answer to the above question of (Is there any excuse for not knowing the law ?)...IS NO!
But where does law come from? It comes from civilized people with common sense! From nature!
Many people in the past had to learn the hard way!....They refuse to use common sense.

I watched a man once protesting at a nuclear power plant take a can of gasoline and dowse himself and light a match, he was burned to death, there was nothing available to put out the fire.
And all the other sign carrying protesters gave him a lot of room.

We had another man down here in Florida, with a house built over the swamp near the ever glades, something went wrong with his plumbing, so he got down in the swamp water under the house to fix it and was attacked by a 10 foot alligator, he escaped but before he could heal from his wounds he went back under the house again, and was struck by a cotton mouth water moccasin. After that he finally learned some sense.

It is very important for you to learn the law, whether you learn it from nature or a law book LEARN IT!
The law is all around you and every where the bottom line is THINK! THINK! THINK!.

You don't wait for war to break out, to start making ammunition, you make ammunition in peace time.
You don't wait to get stopped and robbed by policy enforcers masquerading as law enforcement officers before you learn the real law.
You don't wait to go into an administrative office before an administrative employee masquerading as a court and judge, you learn the law now!.

You must know for a fact which end of the rattle snake your gonna be on!.
All to often we hear people say (KNOWLEDGE IS POWER) but knowledge not acted upon doesn't do you much good, because well done beats well said every time.

Me personally, I deal with law every day....Nature, debt, foreclosure, health, etc.
It's a good habit being lawful and doing the right thing.

But we must know the difference between legal and lawful. You always want to start with knowledge of Self. Knowing who you are and what is being done to you, and by whom and why.
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Have a nice day!

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