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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nationality vs. Commerce

By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey
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Does Nationality have anything to do with commerce ? The answer in my opinion is yes and no!.
Well lets rephrase the question or spell it out.
If you ever went to jail or prison, you signed your way in and signed your way out! But as soon as you got out you threw away the paper work that had you listed as Black by the institution that enslaved you.
Ok ! so much for that law suit, no evidence no case!.
When does Nationality and commerce collide?
When you have been put into a position, involving paying money and oppression at the same time.
Case in point, you go in to fill out an application for a job, and on the application it says race White, Black, Hispanic, Other, now at this point most people who look like me pause and think, because we have heard a lot of stuff about Nationality.
But this company must be trying to pull a fast one!, the part we really hate is the one that says Other!
because if we check that one, I may have to explain myself at the interview if, I get lucky to get one.
And I don't know enough yet or I know to much, and will blow me and them out of the water.
So we better play it safe and check Black.
Now lets say you got the interview, and the job, but that black stuff and Other is still bothering you.
Well the problem in the first place, is you needed money! And you thought you needed a job to get it.
Have you ever noticed when politicians are running for office one of the top tickets and statements are Together we will get America back on its feet, by working hard to provide more JOB'S.
The working man and woman in America has had enough, THEY NEED JOB'S!!
No one running for office, ever SHOUTS IN PUBLIC! anything about the average man and woman in America needing their own company, and being self sustaining or self sufficient.
But after the election that you voted in, you notice every gas station, restaurant, hair salon, nail salon,convenient store, dollar tree, wall mart etc; etc. have an owner that don't look like you!.
And you feel stuck!. And go off at the gas pump!.
You let um have it!. My Nationality is so and so! And you don't belong in this neighborhood!.
Well now this post is to get you to look at the perceived problem from a different perspective.
Every man and woman on this land is born with a certain amount of time in a day and it is what you do with your time, followed by action that can make the difference for you.
Oh! and once again THINK! THINK! THINK!
The economics of banking is counterfeiting. We have been deceived into thinking that we were lent other
depositor’s deposited funds. Banksters cause us to think that if we do not pay back those funds, the bank
and its depositors will be out the cash. Remember, all you borrowed was monetized credit, which your signature created – probably about $100,000.00 – 10% of which they extended back to you. You lent yourself the funds. Why are you paying back anyone? Ask a banker about this, as I did, and watch him stop breathing.
There is no money in America!
If a counterfeiter counterfeits $$$ and lends it to us, do we have any moral or legal obligation to repay the loan? NO ! The law (statute) says counterfeiting is illegal and that we do not have to repay the counterfeiter. But the banksters are careful. The bank’s own published manual claims, “Money does not have to be issued by the government or be in any special form. Money is anything that can be sold for cash and which the banks accept as money”. Aren’t they a riot?
The story about Dan Mahowney who allegedly defrauded the bank out of several million $$$ and also the story about Frank Abegnale in his book Catch Me If You Can never took anyone else’s cash. Dan and Frank signed for every note they received. They created the funds themselves. No one lost any $$$, neither the investors in Mahowney’s case nor Pan Am employees in Abegnale’s case. I’ll bet to this day, both these men think that they did something illegal. Yet, not one living soul lost any $$$ to either of them. The corporate entities pretended theft and had them punished in order to preserve and perpetuate the scam.
When you purchase something from a shop and then return it, why are they so intent on getting back your receipt? No, not to prove you paid for it, because you can’t pay for anything. This receipt is the evidence of exchange. The goods don’t matter, any more than the principal on a ‘loan’ matters. All they want is the interest. Look at your minimum payment due on your credit card statement; its only the interest. The
‘loan’ doesn’t exist!.
They MUST pay the IMF the interest on the loan.
A friend responded, “We don’t worry about money, if that’s what you’re asking.” I was glad to
hear this but I know its only a matter of time. He and his wife are paying, via their labour, probably 4 times the price of their 5 bedroom house which translates into 30 years of paying for the cost of maybe 6 months labour plus the supplies it took to build. This disparate ratio seems never to be questioned. Whom are they paying? The banks. For what? Credit. Did they get anything for their labour? You might think they got their house for their labour yet they did not; they got their house for their signature on the promissory note. Their ‘labour’ is the confiscation of their lives.
The actual process of money creation takes place primarily in banks ... bankers discovered that they
could make loans merely by giving their promise to pay, or bank notes, to borrowers. In this way banks
began to create money. Transaction deposits are the modern counterpart of bank notes. It was a small step
from printing notes to making book entries crediting deposits of borrowers, which the borrowers in turn
could ‘spend’ by writing checks, thereby ‘printing’ their own money. – Modern Money Mechanics, Federal
Reserve Bank of Chicago.
I first became aware that all my suspicions about the banking system were accurate when I read Thoren’s book, Truth In Money. I learned that all money is ‘borrowed into existence’. It doesn’t exist until someone borrows it. It is ‘debt-based money’, hence it is not really money since real money is based upon substance
– gold, silver, etc. If ‘money’ is borrowed into existence, then this is all that exists. So, where is the
‘interest’? It doesn’t exist. How can it possibly be paid? It can’t be paid because it is not part of what is
created. It simply does not exist. The currency we use is based upon our future labour which the Feds have
promised to the banksters. It also does not yet exist. Future generations are already enslaved to pay a debt
which does not exist.We can’t pay debt with something of no substance. We also need to take a look at how the account
statements were created. Goods and services are assigned a value; everything is only true because someone
says so and someone else agrees to it. Do you ever question your bills, which are not true bills in commerce
but rather ‘statements of account’? ... not the ‘amount due’, but the concept . What if you found out that
everything you ever needed or wanted was already paid for? – that you didn’t owe anyone anything?When you go into a store to buy a book and you pay in whatever manner you choose, what do you get
for the payment? No, not the book; you get a receipt. The evidence for this is that the dollar amount on the
receipt matches precisely the dollar amount on your payment. It is an exact exchange. The book is not even part of the equation. It was pre-paid; all you did was go to the store to claim and retrieve it. In order to
understand the concept of ‘pre-paid’,.
Well now if this is the case, life should take on new meaning, operating this way can free up more time to do that in debt investigation about your Nationality.
Ok now we got it, learn everything we can possibly learn about ourselves and definitely learn every thing we can about this commerce business going on in America.
Some of the above information was taken from a dear lady named Mary Croft just type her name into Google or you tube and check it out.
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By Tarhaka Amaama El Bey.
Have a nice day!

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