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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Tarhaka and Dr. Alim Bey on Current Events Justice,​ ​Law,​ ​and the Moors.

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Friday, September 1, 2017

As long as you are never serious, you can never be taken seriously.

As long as you are never serious, you can never be taken seriously.
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We have just seen a catastrophe strike Texas and everyone on the planet is watching who have the tools to do so.

I have been watching the media as they show and tell about this great disaster, people all over the world is being told the same thing about everyone working together in harmony trying to survive this great tragedy and how wonderful it is to have every body help each other which in my opinion it looks good and it's a good idea.

But my question is after this thing is over and the water has gone away what major changes will come to fruition as far as Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice,.

How can we guarantee all of that grips Texas? And will it remain there forever? In the United States of America in the past years we have had disaster after disaster but as soon as it's it's we go back to living under the same global system of white supremacy (racism) until the next tragedy strikes as if it's normal and good and right.

My definition of the word insanity is continuing to do the same wrong thing over and over again looking for a different result.

As long as you are never serious, you can never be taken seriously.

Let's get serious right now and remain serious from this day forward let's stop the madness, let's get down to the only real business at hand that is to get busy with self-worth and self-respect knowledge of self and clear understanding that in order stop being insane we have to stop looking a lion in the face and calling him or her a rabbit, we have to change our minds.

The current system of (slavery) we live under as people of color must be replaced the world wide with a system of justice which leads to true love, true peace, and true freedom which equals real justice the starting point today is recognizing the problem (lion) and the fact it is not a rabbit.

Let's take a look at some of the records in the recent past we had Hurricane Katrina then
we had the church shootings then we had Charlottesville before that Missouri after that we had the great California shooting of cops after that Hurricane Mathew in Florida all under the current system of Global white supremacy (racism). And let's not forget for the first time in the history of the State Florida a white man was put to death for killing a black man as they stated Wow! That should make everything all better.

Let's get serious today right now buy the books listed let's find out about this lion, oh and by the way, the only man that ever killed a lion up close man to lion without a gun was a man that looks like you! brother check your ancient story.

And remember if you do not understand Racism (White Supremacy) what it is and how it works everything you do understand will only confuse you Neely Fuller Jr.

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The Big Pitcher and Law.

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One of the most important reasons for people of color to study their own ancient story is to find the mistakes their ancestors made in the past so as not to make the same mistakes today.

They must realize there are two things to study his-story and our​ ​story two different things and that we should always put the horse in front of the wagon.

It is super for you to know your birth certificate is a trust and you are the beneficiary of that trust and all you need to do is upgrade your status.

At this point what are you going to do with that kind of financial clout? What is your plan? And how will your nation of people the ones who look like you benefit? We have more so called black millionaires in this country today than ever before but our people as a nation is still in bad shape.

The horse is still tied at the back of the wagon we sitting in the wagon and looking to move forward. If you live on a planet hanging out in space what is it you know about it? And if you don't know anything about it you cannot take responsibility for it or bring peace and justice to it?

Let's say you are living in the private, you have accessed the financial clout of the trust you have collapsed the bonds and moving and shaking with massive credit even to the point of buying real money, property, and land. How will that change the fact you are still as a nation of people under the global system of white supremacy (racism) the most powerful religion on earth. So what is it do you think you should be doing along side moving into the private?

How do we get that horse in front of the wagon? You can't move or turn a ship in the ocean if we do not know we as a nation are on a ship. Why would a nation of people who belongs to the only race on earth educate people who don't belong to their race? The answer is they can't and they won't.

The only race on this rock is the people who created the word (race) they hold the reigns of their horse placed in front of their wagon and all people classified as nonwhite is just going for a ride.
Let's take a look at the horse itself economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war. The people who control this kind of horse holds a lot of real power. So what are you as a nation of people going to do about that? Let's define a few things what is your definition of the word justice? Have you come to a conclusion and a solution to the question of who and what is God? If you went to college and got an education and was given a college degree well who are you? What is your identity? What is your name? What is the name of the school you created? What kind of knowledge are you providing for the students who look like you? Or do you think it is more beneficial for you as a nation to be multicultural? If justice is defined by you based on your nature that has to mean justice is guaranteeing that no one is mistreated and guaranteeing that the people who look like you that need the most help gets the most help in the most constructive manner.

So now let's take a look at whats carved in stone on the building we call court houses you will see the word justice you should know something is wrong when you see that word on the building in front of the building or in the building.

Well let's conclude now and let's get that horse in front of our wagon do the deep research on your ancient story first and then do a deep investigation on his-story third find out all you can about the rock you live on so you can bring real justice to this rock you stand on to keep your nation first and all other people will do the same you can count on that. Let's use real law based on real justice.
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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tarhaka and Dr. Walter Williams on Racism White Supremacy World Wide
Listen in at
Tonight Sunday, August 27th, 2017 at 7:00 pm est.
On Moorish Talk Live 100 at Blog Talk Radio.
Call in #310-982-4184
Special Guest Dr. Walter Williams Mrs. Arnetta Williams and Sister Emma Mc Gowan.
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1.What is Racism?
2.Where did the word Race come from?
3.Is White Supremacy a system of justice?
4.What guarantee's of justice comes under Racism white supremacy?
5.Is racism white supremacy right or wrong?
6.How do racism white supremacy benefit people of color on the earth?
7.What is the ancient record of white supremacy on earth?
8.What is justice when it comes to racism?
9.Should a global effort on the part of people of color exist to destroy racism?
10.What is counter-racism?
11.Will the world breathe a sigh of relief when racism white supremacy is destroyed?
12.Will nature itself benefit when racism white supremacy is replaced with justice?
13.Can people of color bring justice to this earth world wide?
14.Is religion itself a part of global racism white supremacy?
15.Who and what is God?
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