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Saturday, June 6, 2015

There is Two of You

There are TWO of you

There is Two of You
By Jaro

Do you realize that there are TWO of you? There's a Man, Jaro Henry Smith, and then there's a statutory PERSON, JARO HENRY SMITH. And which you are AT THE MOMENT, depends on what you are doing.

So if you're using some benefits of the corporate STATE, then you're the statutory person JARO HENRY SMITH because you're doing something under the JURISDICTION of the STATE. BUT if you're doing something BY RIGHT, then you're a Man Jaro Henry Smith, who's protected by the organic Constitution.
Remember, in US it is generally recognized that you can be a citizen of more than one nation. So it follows that you can be BOTH, a federal US citizen, as well as sovereign State/USA Citizen. Which one applies depends on what you're doing at the moment, whether it's under the jurisdiction of the federal STATE or under jurisdiction of the state of the Union.

Most people don't realize this, especially in court, since they always charge you as the statutory person. For example, if you bought your car with Federal Reserve Notes, you ONLY have a legal title to that car, while the State has the equitable title, so you are subject to State's Vehicle Code, as the statutory person NAME.

But if you bought that car with LAWFUL MONEY, like US coins, then you have a FULL title to that car (legal+equitable), so you are NOT subject to the Vehicle Code, because you're NOT using State benefit when operating that car on public roads.

So they should not charge you with any VC violation, but if they do, you can deny EVERYTHING, because whatever happened, happened OUTSIDE of their jurisdiction. I.e. it wasn't JARO who did what they allege, but it was Jaro who did that. In other words, they can't attach to you the statutory person JARO, if what happened was outside of their jurisdiction, UNLESS you volunteer.

So you might ask the judge "Sir, are you asking JARO the defendant, or Jaro the man?" And if he says the defendant, then you can tell him that nothing in those allegations is true, because JARO the defendant was NOT even present at the alleged violation, because it was outside of the State's jurisdiction where only Jaro the man was present. So if they want to charge Jaro the man, they can file common law charges and present a verified complaint of the injured person.

It's kinda like having a health club membership; you're ONLY subject to the club's rules when you're on its PRIVATE property or using club's equipment. Outside of that, club's rules DON'T APPLY. And being a federal US citizen is a PRIVATE citizenship of District of Columbia, which doesn't apply unless you're using benefits of MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS.
Oh, and since you can't change the statutory jurisdiction that the statutory PERSON/defendant is being charged under, your claim as a Man, needs to be done under a COUNTER-CLAIM. I.e. "I a man claim that the STATE has no jurisdiction over my PRIVATE property which was bought with lawful money US coins..."
Gotta realize that while under statutory jurisdiction they CAN'T see Jaro the man, conversely under common law jurisdiction, they can't see the artificial person JARO. So you gotta bring the counter-claim as a man, under common law. And the only way to do that, is if you have an equitable claim.
In other words, under statutory jurisdiction (Public Policy), the court doesn't care what the man did or didn't do, just what happened in commerce, which is the ONLY place where the artificial person JARO, exists. Which means that under common (Public) law, the court doesn't care what happened in commerce, just what the man Jaro did in the real world.
So under statutory jurisdiction, one wouldn't be lying if he said that he even weren't at the place of the Code violation, because the statutory person JARO was NOT there, since there only was the man there, using his PRIVATE property which he bought with lawful money US coins. Just remember, when you appear generally by admitting to be the defendant, you're no longer a man Jaro, just a statutory person JARO. And only the man Jaro has constitutional/unalienable rights.
So you first gotta have an EQUITABLE claim, such as a car bought with US coins, and then you can challenge the court's jurisdiction BASED ON that equitable claim, OR make a COUNTER-CLAIM.
Oh and I believe that the reason why courts have been ignoring State Citizenship/sui juris claims, is because people don't have an equitable claim to back it up. They just can't recognize someone who's operating in commerce, as a living man or woman.

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