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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Removing yourself from State Jurisdiction

By Jaro
Here's one more way out of the corporate Matrix. Most patriots have largely concluded that the federal 14th Amendment citizenship is what keeps us enslaved to municipal corporations masquerading as the gov't. but it's not that clearcut. You see, up to 1933, most federal US citizens were living in States of the Union where they had the same unalienable rights as the State Citizens, especially because they had GOLD MONEY, which buys you PRIVATE property.
In 1933 it changed because gold money was outlawed by FDR by an Executive order. But those federal US citizens were STILL living in States of the Union where Congress had no jurisdiction. So most didn't pay any federal taxes, so for example, Congress had to issue bonds to finance the war effort in 1940's, rather than just get the $$$ by federal taxation.
So if you're a US citizen living in a State of the Union, then Congress has no power over you, EXCEPT via their DEBT NOTES (AND via ZIP codes), and we know that can be countered by a 12USC411 demand for lawful money.
What made US citizens subject 'slaves' that they are now, was when all the States accepted UCC in 1955, and creation of federal ZIP zones which are under the rule of the MUNI corporations with headquarters in District of Columbia. So until 1955, the States were under COMMON LAW. I.e. there were NO ADHESION CONTRACTS until then, because under common law, there are no contracts without FULL DISCLOSURE.
Let me repeat that; Until 1955 there were NO ADHESION CONTRACTS because there was no UCC!
So the acceptance of the UCC by all the States made enforcement of commercial LIABILITY, arising from adhesion contract, EASY. And the second thing that made it easy, was the creation of ZIP codes. Those designate FEDERAL REGIONS within States of the Union, and that's where municipal codes RULE.
For example, courts recognize that having an address with a ZIP code, is prima facie evidence of your RESIDENCE in a State of XYZ. PLUS, what most people don't realize, is that a State of XYZ is NOT State of the Union! It is a (federal) State of United States (AKA the District of Columbia). So if you have address with a ZIP code, then you're subject to jurisdiction of federal United states, as well as of its corporate (municipal) States!
Which means that you don't have to get rid of the federal US citizenship in order to get out of the corporate Matrix, you just need to STOP USING ZIP codes and the two-letter STATE designations (like CA, TX, NY, etc.). And if you can manage that, then you'll just need to keep making demands for lawful money, in order to protect your unalienable right to property.
Of course the major obstacle there is the SSN, because that's only given to those in federal US, i.e. to those in federal ZIP areas.
And I hope you realize that this means that there's nothing wrong with driver's licenses and State ID's if you can get them WITHOUT ZIP codes. In other words, if you apply for a DL or State ID with an address that doesn't include ZIP code, then you're asking for their recognition that you're on the LAND of the State of the Union, and NOT in a federal corporate STATE.
And pretty much all taxation and licensing ONLY applies IN those corporate STATES, and not in the States of the Union. So next time you apply for a DL or State ID, you might try to do that WITHOUT the ZIP code. It's what makes the difference between being a free man and a corporate subject.
Or you could just send them a notice that your current address is something like this and ask them to update their records:
John Doe
c/o 1234 Main street
Miami, Florida state
BTW, here's a sample DL/StateID Cali application. As you can see, they don't box you in, requiring two-letter State "abreviation" so you can write in your dejure address, rather than their corporate one. Of course they might not accept it, but you might achieve a compromise, by telling them that you don't live in any ZIP area and that you can't stop them from adding that, but that is not correct. In which case you could write an affidavit later saying that they added the ZIP over your objections, which should invalidate that as evidence of your corporate residency.…/bb16ade8-ef21-4400…/dl44sample.pdf…
The receipt of mail with a ZIP Code is one of the requirements for the IRS to have jurisdiction to send you notices. The government can not bill an American National, as he is not within the purview of the municipal laws of the District of Columbia. In fact, the Internal Revenue Service has adopted the ZIP Code areas as Internal Revenue Districts.
Here's a bit more about ZIP codes:
So all real Americans should:
1) Demand recognition of their NON-ZIP address when dealing with gov't agencies
2) Complain to Secretary of State if you're denied gov't ID without ZIP code address
3) Send a notice to Secr. of State or DMV to update your address WITHOUT a ZIP code. However this COULD cause them to suspend your license.
So returning to the common law of the Republic, might be as simple as getting a Driver's license (or State ID) WITHOUT a Zip code!!! (And paying off those secret car liens with gold)
BTW, I believe that even knowledgeable patriots like Tim Turner, get convicted from statutory violations because they have a Driver's license WITH ZIP code address. As I've mentioned, that's EVIDENCE that you're a gov't subject, and so INVALIDATES most paperwork that you might submit to the court.
Also, I DO NOT suggest using those Driver's licenses WITHOUT ZIP codes for traveling in your private property (car), just for identification and using it on a job, as some employers require it. And if you paid off the secret State lien against your car with gold, then you shouldn't need ANY license to use it on public roads, in which case a State ID w/o ZIP code would do. Get out debt NOW!

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