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Monday, June 8, 2015

The Have Mores vs. The Wish Mores

By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey.

Lets take a close look at these two families.
Now the Wish Mores live in any and all cities across this country
Just like the have mores however the difference is Mr & Mrs
Wish More uselessly go to work on a 9: to 5: job, they want the
Best for their family they work very hard even doing over time
On the job.
Mr. & Mrs Wish More looks forward to sending little wish more
To college one day they are full of hope! and the whole family
Attends Church every Sunday and places their money in
Collection plate faithfully, they believe in God and he is going
To bless them. When little Wish More ask for a new bike to 
Ride Mr. & Mrs Wish More go to the store and purchase the
Bike if they can afford it, sounds like a good family right?
When it's time for vacation the Wish More family loads up
the car or mini van and off they go for the one week vacation
but they must cut it short because they have to go back
to the 9: to 5:, and at the end of the year the Wish Mores
looks forward to getting back their income tax check from
the Government.
This cycle go's on year in and year out but the Wish Mores
never seem to get ahead never seem to get that lucky
break. Now! suddenly Mr Wish More takes sick and has to 
Take time off from work and Mrs. Wish More has to try and keep
The bills paid while praying to God Mr Wish More is back on 
His feet and back to work, and her prayers are answered,
Mr Wish More is up and running again and back at the 
Grind stone. NOW! lets take a look at the other family called
the Have Mores.
The Have Mores live in the upper class communities across
This country there is no job to go to because Mr. &. Mrs
Have More own their own business and always have, they also
Attend Church and there are many employees of the Have Mores
who attend the same Church.
The Have Mores owns stock in the Church also
When little Have More wants to go off to college
The tuition has already been paid, when little Have More
Want's a new bike to ride
Mr. & Mrs. Have More sits down and help little Have More
Find the company that trades the bike on the stock exchange
And shows little Have More how to buy stock in the company
That made the bike and once the stock is purchased
Off they go to pick out the new bike
When it's time for one of many vacations the Have More
Family packs up the large motor home and off they go 
Often passing the Wish Mores and waving hello as the pass
Their small mini van or car on the high way.
The Have More family finally arrives in the beautiful Florida.
Keys for three weeks of fun in the sun and great fishing
From their own large boat they keep just up the beach
From their vacation cottage oh! and by the way the Have More
Family trust owns the cottage also.
But almost at the end of the third week of vacation in the Keys
Mrs. Have More decides to take another look at the monthly
Vacation planer OH! my God she screams! we must leave
This place fast because it is going to run into the family
Trip to Europe.
So Mr. Have More springs into action picking up the phone
and calling the company they own and informing the
General manager of the extended vacation to Europe
And to make sure the wish more employees stay busy
And to cut back on the over time if any they are getting.
WOW! that was a close call.
Whats the difference between the two families?
Nothing but the way they think!
When Mr. & Mrs. Wish More stops working hard and
Start working smart and realize the only reason any one
Should ever work for some one else is to get seed capitol
For investing in their own business.
The Wish Mores and the Have Mores both have 24 hours in
A day but what you do with your time determines what your
Future will look like.
So which family are you a part of ? or better yet
Which family would you like to be a part of?
The choice is left up to you!
Until you change your mind about working for the Have Mores
And start becoming a Have More you will remain a member
Of the Wish More family.
OH! and by the way Mr & Mrs. Have More has made provisions
For the Wish More employees they can work until they are 65
Or 70 and receive retirement and social security after life has 
Passed them bye, and the Wish Mores will have to live on one
Third of what they couldn't live on in the first place.
Well the choice is up to you when opportunity comes around
And knocks at your door you can open the door and let it in
Or sit still and do nothing, but remember the next time
Opportunity comes around you wont recognize it
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