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Saturday, August 22, 2015


Tarhaka Amaana El Bey

Tarhaka Amaana El Bey First of all there is no such thing as a Mexican,White Negro,Black,Colored,Arab,Indian,African, America, Mexico, Cuba, Egypt, etc, etc, etc, if you notice all these terms are appear in English the question is what did these people call themselves in their own Ancient language before the English language came into existence. For instance the word Jesus how in the world could there be a man named Jesus who lived in the first Century when the alphabet (J) had not been added to the English language until the middle or latter half of 16th century after the invention of the Gutenberg press What about all others going backwards from Revelation to Geneses and Stanley Lane Poole gives us his account in his book The Moors in Spain that
European people as early as the 16th Century were illiterate to the point of regarding bathing as a Sin and no (disrespect intended).Europeans did not live in big elaborate castles but in big barns with a hole in the roof for the emission of smoke many had cows and chickens in the house and there were no colleges or universities of any value in Christian Europe at the same time Spain under Ancient African Moorish rule all the way up to 1492.The Moors had well paved sidewalks and street lamps well lit and built over 200 public bathes, Palaces embellished in gold and hundreds of colleges and
universities and one that housed over 10,000 manuscripts. There is no debate here we have no races. That is an European invention, If we must use races and languages we have no choice but to understand what fixed derivatives or off spices from the original Man whose DNA go all the way back in time to the creator himself. Man or Mankind cannot be free on this earth or have a future without the original man created in the same image and likeness of the creator just like the tainted African records have stated you call the Bible. The United Nations have declared the people of Ancient
African Decent in Louisiana as the oldest people on earth. The professionals that deal with plants for food will tell you that corn that you eat only grew in the Americas so the old testament clearly make mention of the ancient people grew and ate corn, the lie is that it happened in another part of the world to continue the cover up of the fact of identity of the

original people were indeed African decent and to add insult to injury we will give credit to the so called Indians who are not Indians at all but another fix species credit for being the only natives of the land and invest millions of dollars in covering up, destroying, and writing people of Ancient African Moorish decent out of the respectful commentary of HIS-STORY to maintain control of land that belongs to someone else, how do you explain the fact that all people have a Nationality and all Nationality is associated with a land mass if the people in America called native Indians are Indians then who are the people of the land called India, even the whole world knows people of Caucasian decent are immigrants in the Americas, threw murder, deceit and theft by conquest and not by grace of the creator. There were no insane asylums in Africa prior to European arrival because no one had ever gone crazy. LET'S GET OUT OF DEBT NOW!

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