Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dr. Walter Williams - History of Christianity & Islam

Tarhaka Amaana El Bey

The Art and Force of Religion on Earth
By Tarhaka
In her number # 1 best seller The Isis Papers, Dr Francis Cress Welsing list the 9 points of the global system of what is commonly referred to as (white supremacy) system.
Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Sex, Religion and War. As the basic overall frame work for Caucasian rule on earth.
Lets take a realistic look at the point called Religion, there are many people today who have given many reasons why religion is vital and necessary and something people cannot or should not do without.
But upon closer examination of the situation we find there were people on earth who built some of the greatest civilizations in the world minus religion, in fact upon his arrival on the so called African continent Christabol Colome ( Christopher Columbus ) added in his diary the following, never have I ever seen a people as beautiful as these, everything they do is done with a smile, even the lowest one of them is better than our highest aristocrats, they love their neighbor as much as they love their own selves. However we convert them to our religion so they can be saved.
Now here is a people who was at one with nature minus religion on there own land, but a murderer, liar, and a thief who came from somewhere else decided that what was already good and righteous needed to be changed.
So lets take a look at how the people have turned out as a result of religion being forced on the people first of all, the trick is to get you to believe in something outside of your self without question.
Never mind the fact that when the original man was created he was called good and created in the image and likeness of the all wise creator in the first place.
There was no religion added.
And it stands to reason that if the people described above were loving their neighbor as they loved themselves before religion came and was forced on them, and now that they still have it today in many cases they don't speak to their neighbor and are destroying other people in the name of the very religion that was forced on them that they still follow today.
Now lets take an even closer look. In his book Introduction to African Civilization by John G. Jackson he states the following during slavery it was the Christian Church that fought against the abolitionist tooth and nail to maintain the institution of slavery and the only people who came to the rescue of the Africans were the Quakers.
But even though that actually happened in real life the same descendants of the same African decent people will attack you if you attempt to remove the same religious institution of mental enslavement from their minds.
In my opinion many people I meet and talk to about this form of mental enslavement are not able to hold a simple conversation without inserting fragments of religion in the conversation.
When faced with books on Science, Philosophy, Economics, Ancient Cultural Stories, Astronomy, Astrology or anything outside of religion there is a break down in communication.

The problem is as I see it after being locked in the same box for many years and held captive by the brain with the same tool of religion I was able to get out of the mental confining box and go back to the original teachings of my own ancestors about my identity, ancient story and a brand new prospective on HIS-STORY. As a result I am able to be empowered moving aside the religious dogma and thinking outside of the box able to be at peace able to go to war against the wicked at will and without hesitation and without fear because there is no religion in the way.
This indwelling spiritual power I speak of comes from within my ability to be at one with nature is all natural and is a part of the original man The man made concept of GOD and RELIGION is well understood If I can get you to believe in something outside of yourself then I have enslaved your mind
I have given you a false sense of reality I have removed the power of self and replaced it with something you cannot not fully know or explain.
I will have cause you to attempt to love an enemy that you should kill on site, I have caused you to allow your enemy to shoot your child down in the street and you refuse to blow his brains out for it. I have positioned you to date, marry and procreate with your enemy and think that it is right and normal, I have caused you to believe that you have committed a crime of any type when the first crime was committed against you at birth.
I religion have caused you to go along with your enemy in an impossible attempt love him get along with him and be at peace with him while he constantly kill you and your family members daily.
Even though you beg and pray to his GOD'S he still puts you and your family members in his gas chambers and electric chairs and you do not kill him for it, because his religion has put you to sleep and you are plagued with fear.
This message is about just one of the corrupt points of the system mentioned above, the removal of religion should always be replaced with truth knowledge of self and the teachings of your own ancient ancestors they are always standing by to protect you if it is anything you should believe that's it, and you can count on it, They have protected me for many years and have removed my enemies far away from me to prevent slaughter.
It amazes me to see all other people on the planet embrace their own kind follow their customs and ancestral teachings and thrive in your neighborhood taking money out, not willing to hire you to work in their company and disrespecting you at the same time but don't worry after all you have JESUS. Just no money.
I really believe you will get it right one day by removing the poison from your brain so you can see who it was that gave it to you. And remember your ancestors had one major message for you, MAN KNOW THYSELF.
Religion is truly an art I must admit, it is in every so called (black) neighborhood, the money put into the collection plate weekly only benefits the Church but take a look around at the neighborhood the religion is stationed in, it remains the same year after year after year impoverished no change that should tell you that something is wrong with the art of religion, but nothing is done about the giant sucking sound of revenue leaving the area we just keep looking forward to the next Sunday morning stick up!.
It might not be so bad if we had church service on Sunday real estate investment classes on Monday, Stock market investment classes on Tuesday, Ancient studies on Wednesday, Gold and Silver investment classes Thursday, Commodities investment classes on Friday and classes on Economics on Saturday open to the neighborhood minus religion.
This is just a gimps into how I see it, if you disagree please state your case minus religion and GOD.
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