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Monday, August 31, 2015

Do Black Lives matter in America in the 20th and 21st Century

By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey

It should be easy for any man or woman living in America today
to answer the question of whether or not Black lives matter in

The answer is NO!

People of African decent are being murdered in cold blood from
one end of the United States to the other, and the Nation is lead
to believe it's normal vie the media and other outlets.

But there are NO! BLACK! PEOPLE! on earth period.

Black people,Negros, Colored,Afro Americans, African Americans Niger's etc, etc, are creations made and manufactured, in the United States.

There is NO! such fish as Sardines in the ocean but when you capture small
fish cut the head and tail off put them in a can we can label them as we please.

When you capture a People enslave them De-Nationalize them, Rape them.
Lynch them, Burn them, Castrate them, Decapitate them, De-humanize them,
Jail them, Mis- Educate them, Lie to them, Dis-enfranchise them, Discriminate
against them, etc etc then it should be obvious to any sane being that these
created and manufactured people lives don't matter.

In my opinion and on the other hand a people with full knowledge of self
think much differently. These types are not willing to except all types
of wrong treatment from an enemy without repercussions.

A man or woman who has abandoned the erroneous concept of GOD!
Given their enemies their RELIGION! back, traded their given BIBLES
to the nearest garbage can, for other devices such as A-K 47's and other
tools are different breads of animal.

He or She finds much comfort in their own skill, and as far as their own
ancient story is concerned that instills great pride in there own culture,
they are not asking for any freedom or justice in America, they are going
to take it, and remain civilized.
Having learned about their Nationality and great ancient story, they can't
wait to tell the whole world they are not black people and there is no such people
on earth.

I am not the type to wonder whether black lives matter because i'm not one
of them and my thinking is defiantly different my question is who did it and
where is he and that's all i need to know, when an enemy does the wrong
thing to my family members.

If you consider yourself a black man or black woman and insist on being
branded this way and think things will change for you, think again
these brands belong to your enemies, they created the brand just like
the sardine they own the brands.

The solution is to change your mind about yourself through careful
investigation and study until you come to the conclusion of your true
identity free your mind and your you know what will follow and you will
always know what to do about an enemy QUICK!

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