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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Top secret"! how to build a successful net work

Top secret"! how to build a successful net work

There are secrets to successful networking and what
you will be exposed too today is the basic mo-torus
mechanics of how to do it"!

Step one we must understand the following
people will do anything to gain a benefit or
avoid a lost!

In the mind of every prospect is the following that must
be answered by you.

What can I profit?
When can I profit?
Where can I profit?
Why can I profit?
Who says I can profit?

And these questions must be answered threw benefits
To be gained or losses to be avoided.
When you answer these questions first in the mind of
your prospect you are well on your way to success.

Each of us have five senses you must appeal to as many 
as you can that is why television and radio is so powerful

you are riding down the highway going out of town
the bill board on the side of the road says burger king 
30 miles ahead and once you get to the 30 mile mark
there is an exit to get to burger king WALLAH!  you
pull in.

Now lets look at how to build a successful network
first you need to get one prospect to buy, then
you make sure they are able to duplicate
what they bought from you.
And make sure they make some money off of what they 
bought from you.

Keep in mind we are only going down that one leg 
Lets say you get Margret sold on your MLM.
Now we need Margret to through a function at her place
and invite all her friends, our main objective   is to get
Margret paid on the spot.

Our second objective is to get one or more of Margret's
friends to have a meeting at their place so they can get paid
under Margret and on down the line you go.

Now notice at this point nothing was said about a horizontal
position if you try to go horizontal with this thing you loose!

You mus provide benefits to be gained or loses to be avoided
as you move down line.

Set a limit for your self lets go ten deep by now you will be
viewed as the grand poo pah making guest appearances
down the board and the same thing can be done by internet 
set up a free National conference call or web class  to make
sure every body  learn how to do what you do.

Now we are ready to start the same process with Rick you know
the guy you met at the store the other day he called you
on the phone and wanted to know more about how is it
you are able to spend the kind of money you do every day
of the month and other people can't or don't.

He wants to know your secret he doesn't know the key
is for him to be successful he must make other people
successful as he go along.

You should be able to just give him your name to type
into Google for a credibility check and walk away.
and my name is simply Tarhaka Amaana El Bey. 

So there you have it lets take a look at this web site
to see if every thing i just told you about what, when,
where, why, etc is present take a very close look
at these two web sites.

To join my team or to learn more give me a call
#904-303-9061 before 7:00 pm est.

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