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Saturday, November 9, 2013

How to learn Contract Law

How to learn Contract Law

What is Contract Law? that's a good question!
Its real simple for people living inside the United States.
The U.S. operates on a continues series of contracts
every thing we have or buy is orchestrated by contract
You get a job by filling out an application even on the
internet.To best learn this go to

You buy a car a boat or house, here comes the contract.
Canada contract law works the same as America and other

Lets look at other examples, you walk into a local store,there
is that bottle of cooking wine you saw advertised on television
you take it off the shelf, walk up to the counter and begin the
exchange you slide your credit card press the necessary buttons
the cash register begins to make a sound and churn out a paper

You have just entered and exited a contract situation, on the
other hand if someone takes the bottle of cooking wine and slips
under his or her shirt and walks out the door, that's called theft
no contract was established.

But if we realize the magnitude of contract law that governs the
system of the United States and other countries,we must ask the
question how does this system benefits us as a people?

Well here comes the great news!
The United States does not enter fear with your right to make
contract, now just think about that for a moment.

Some company sends you a bill (contract) or you fill out an
application for something they are selling, giving you their contract
to pay or sign, which forces you to play by their rules.

We must learn to formulate our own rules on contract
and we can also enforce them, and remember whoever
writes the contract makes their own rules and it is all
designed to benefit them,

It make sense to me if the whole country operates on
contract law then the game to learn is the contract law game
For complete knowledge of this subject
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