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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Beating the Internal Revenue Service

Beating the Internal Revenue Service

There is a man who used a simple technique
to beat the I.R.S. in a court battle and here is what he did
the documents you need is found in
Get rid of the I.R.S.

For those of you having IRS issues: 
I know someone who wishes to remain anonymous but wants his story out. I can 
attest to the hassles he went through with the IRS and know that it has been a 
long time since he has had to deal with them. Over a few years he has 
accumulated an enormous amount of documentation and had repeated 
communications with the IRS. They eventually dragged him into UNITED 
STATES DISTRICT COURT and during the trial he changed his direction and 
used Title 15 instead of Title 26 and the Constitution. The case eventually 

His new contention was simple and in some ways similar to my charge concept, 
it is all about the bill not the law. Title 15 relates to "verified assessment", in other 
words the collector must provide proof to validate the debt and any case 
involving debt must be held in the judicial district court. The concept is that the 
evil ones have circumvented the Constitution and use their law, Title 26, as a 
way to confuse their victims. Tax law does not apply since the IRS is strictly a 
debt collection agency; thus they are required to follow Title 15. The IRS has no 
way to verify the debt even if they can verify taxes. W-2's and 1099's and other 
internal revenue service forms are only
evidence that some one has paid something, not that someone owes something. 
After reading all of Title 15 Chapter 41 Sub V section 1692 I can see his point 
is valid. Knowing that IRS is by corporate charter and their own admission a debt 
collection agency this all seems to make sense. I have started using this 
information in my own situation and will keep the group informed on the situation. 
This man told me he sent one letter, received a very uninformative denial 
response and sent a response to that response. This was done during his trial. 
He has not heard anything since, which was over a year ago. His case was 
terminated with no decision. I looked it up and the court just says CLOSED AND 
SEALED. I have not seen a case terminated this way.
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