Sunday, November 3, 2019


This is my Constructive Notice to you that I have discovered extensive fraud in regard to the mortgage and transactions associated with it on certain real property as noted below. It has come to my attention that you are involved in the attempted foreclosure on my property at 123 Main Street, any city, State, where documented fraud has occurred. This is your Constructive Notice that evidence in this matter has been personally delivered to the FBI and SECRET SERVICE, for investigation and prosecution, resulting from violations of Federal Law including, but not limited to, COUNTERFEITING and CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD as outlined in the attached documents. Information, including your identity, and what appears to be your participation in these violations of Federal Law, has been provided to the above named Federal Agencies, and local authorities, for investigation and prosecution.
If you were not previously aware of the above mentioned fraudulent and criminal activity and may be an innocent party in this matter, I would urge your utmost cooperation with the authorities investigating this matter as well as ceasing all of your activities relating to the ongoing foreclosure action. If, however, you would choose to move forward in ANY manner and participate in ANY way in the attempted foreclosure action referenced above, you will demonstrate your complicity and willingness to be a party to the COUNTERFEITING and CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD now that you have been noticed and will become subject to potential criminal prosecution and civil litigation for damages.
You have hereby been legally noticed of this fraud and your involvement, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and you, therefore, may make no future claim of a lack of knowledge of these criminal activities, and your participation therein, which could absolve you of liability or culpability. It is my intent to pursue any and all legal remedies against any and all participants regarding these fraudulent acts. The bonding companies of those involved will be notified of claims regarding civil matters. Conduct yourself accordingly.
This is but one part of a substantial nationwide investigation, by law enforcement, of the mortgage industry and the complicit fraud therein, and is not some “internet document” that was found and printed out and sent to you as some kind of scare tactic. This is a very real and serious matter that IS being and WILL be, pursued with all those who are identified as being complicit in any fraud being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and civil action is taken to recover damages.
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