Saturday, November 2, 2019

How to pay Property Taxes: (by a 1099-A)

(This is the only correct way to pay them.)

[There are NO TAXES on a 1099-A transaction]

What you are not to know about property taxes is that your US Treasury (Straw man) Account holds the title to your property and is libel for the taxes, Bottom line is your US Treasury (Straw man) Account has paid the property taxes because IT holds the master title to property and you live in it for free.
1. You get the pay stub/coupon from whomever with the FULL amount noted on it. Then you mark them “ACCEPTED FOR VALUE” sign and date it.
2. You Fill out a 1099-A (Your US Treasury Account is the LENDER and Who sent the bill is the BORROWER).
3. Check block 5 on the 1099-A as NO. (this is a payment you are not going to get this money back)
4. Complete the 1096 form (block 4 and 5 are blank).

MAKING THE PAYMENT TO County Treasurer (whoever sent it)
Mail-in using the registered mail:
Copy B of the 1099-A
Original of the pay stub/coupon marked “ACCEPTED FOR VALUE”
TO the IRS:
Put the following in a large envelope:
Copy A of the 1099-A
Copy of the pay stub/coupon marked “ACCEPTED FOR VALUE”
Original of 1096
YOU keep the following for your records:
Copy C of the 1099-A
Copy of the pay stub/coupon marked “ACCEPTED FOR VALUE”
COPY of 1096

If you paid your Property Taxes by check, then there were 2 (two) payments for that one property tax bill.
1. 1st one was when the Auditor determined the taxes and the County Attorney approved them and funds were withdrawn out of our US Treasury (Strawman’s) Account. (Which you need to A4V and 1099-A).
2. 2nd one was the one you just paid off out your back pocket with a check.

You need to submit a 1099-A on any property taxes that you paid out of your back pocket over the last three (3) years. These payments will be returned to your US Treasury (Strawman’s) Account by marking block 5 - YES.

NOW the US Treasury (Straw man's) Account should be in Balance over this transaction: in that he transferred assets out as Operating Expenses.

This is outright fraud being performed on you and the country when they are double-dipping.
Complete an IRS Form 3949A and Fax it or send it off to the CID.
This also means that every Sheriff’s sale for back taxes was a farce.

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