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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What Would You Do If You Knew For A Fact, You Would Never Die?

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Just think for a moment we could go on a new mission for living a better life.
No more mad rush to meet deadlines that only benefit the dead (people who don't know they never die).
What bigger part would love, truth, peace, freedom and justice play in your life now that you know for a fact you can never die. How would you change your lifestyle?
How would you treat your neighbor, your nation, your customers, your enemies? After all, when it comes to enemies you have a very powerful tool called justice meaning guaranteeing that no one on earth is mistreated and guaranteeing that those people on earth who need the most help get the most constructive help.
Anyone exercising racism can be truth-ed into aiding you in bringing to a screeching halt racial profiling, racial tailoring, racial dislocation, and white sacrificing, all you would need is to get the help of those people like you who were born from the original universal nation on earth.
Using your new found facts (I will never die) there is much peace to bring to the earth which in itself is a big job for you and your universal team. But very easy because you have another tool at your disposal called (freedom) from the restraints of death.
You and your team have a brand new brain set and one of your greatest weapons is called (truth) that you wield like a double edge sword that cuts in all directions, and you have no mercy, you spare no enemies at all, at no time, about no subject under the sun.
A master of your ancient story as well as his story.
As you watch the world run to and fro, back and forth day and night you sit calmly and relaxed heavily armed with the greatest truth of all ( I will never die) when my physical body will pass away I will simply return again, after all I am a spiritual being having a human experience (spirit clothed in flesh).
Plenty of time for me to prepare to drop the biggest weapon in my arsenal on those who are worthy only the weapon of (Love).
Well, now it's a brand new day I think I'll start with those people who look like me.
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