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Saturday, June 18, 2016


Title to the STRAWMAN
By Jaro

Some people claim that without you to operate the CORPORATION/STRAWMAN, it has ZERO VALUE, thus your INTEREST is an EQUITABLE INTEREST. The correct statement would be that without your CONSENT, the CORPORATION/TRUST/NAME would have no value. But as you gave consent via your parents signing you up for a Birth Certificate, and by using the BC, you're entitled to SOMETHING, but that something is NOT an equitable interest.

The BC is basically a CERTIFICATE OF TITLE to that TRUST/NAME, entitling you to USE that NAME in their commercial Matrix. And we know that certificates of title are a LEGAL TITLE, not equitable one. And that legal title (BC) entitles you to certain benefits that US provides.

So you got a LEGAL title to the strawman, while US keeps the EQUITABLE title to it. And that's because aLEGAL title gives you USE of the thing, while an equitable title gives the U.S. a CONTROL of the thing.
So with your legal title to the strawman (Birth Certificate) you get to use it in commerce, to get gov't benefits, while the US with its equitable title to the strawman (they're the Registrar), gets to CONTROL it, by issuing codes and statutes.
So the Birth Certificate is just like a healthclub membership. There your membership card entitles you to certain benefits, like using the club amenities - you get to USE those amenities, so you got a LEGAL interest in them.
And the club gets to CONTROL those amenities, so it has an EQUITABLE interest in them. I.e. it decides when and how you can use them, and under which conditions.
I.e. your payment/energy that you put into that club membership, doesn't give you an equitable interest in the club amenities, it gives you a LEGAL interest in them.
So it seems to me that you can't claim any usufruct based on the BC or on you putting in energy by acting on behalf of the strawman. If there is any equitable interest to be claimed, it's based on the fact that you're not being paid with real money, but only with promissory banknotes. Or make contracts in GOLD or US coins, in order to claim equitable interest.
BTW, it's the same with cars. Certificate of title is your proof of LEGAL interest in the car, while the State has an EQUITABLE interest in it. Why? Because you DID NOT pay for it with real LAWFUL MONEY.
You only paid for it with promissory banknotes, so the debt was NOT PAID, it was merely DISCHARGED. And who discharged it? The State, which is why the State gets the equitable interest in your car, which is why it can CONTROL it, and make codes and statutes for that purpose.
And regarding fiat money...
The Romans of the Empire knew what is called
fiduciary economy.(1)
“Fiduciary economy exist when exchange is largely 
by credit and when credit notes serve as a substitute 
for money.” (Salvioli, pp. 5 & 264.) Ferdinand Lot,
The End of the Ancient World and the Beginning of
the Middle Ages (N.Y.: Alfred A. Knoff, 1931), p. 78.
Furthermore, when Birth Certificate is created, you're ENTERING COMMERCE! And there are no nations or people in commerce! Only creditors and debtors. I.e. there you're not entitled to any unalienable rights.
You signed up for gov't benefits via the BC, which means that you surrendered your unalienable rights in return for those benefits. Plus, you've offered yourself as a SURETY for the national debt. There's nothing there that gives you any equitable interest. Like I said, you only got a legal interest, while the US/State has equitable one. EXCEPT when you get them into DISHONOR, like demanding lawful money redemption, and not getting it.

In commerce, the State gives VALUE (benefits), in return for which it gets RIGHTS (right to enforce statutes on you). So the State is the secured party, and you, the debtor. Read up on the UCC.

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