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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How to Exit the Matrix!

Here's how I overstand liabilities of living in the Matrix. It starts with Federal Reserve Notes. Courts have ruled that those are Obligations of the United States and liabilities of Federal Reserve. They also represent the LOAN that the US received from the FedRes, the US central bank. They are NOTES, meaning they're mere PROMISES to PAY, NOT real money. To receive REAL MONEY, you've got to PRESENT THOSE NOTES for PAYMENT, just like any other Promisory Note.
And the liability to PAY those PN's is coded at 12 USC 411, and it belongs to the Federal Reserve. In other words, when you demand that your FRN's are redeemed in LAWFUL MONEY, such as silver and gold coins, in any FedRes bank, they are LIABLE to pay you that!
And they used to do that until 1933, when the US went bankrupt. The reason they no longer do that, is because of the US National Debt, which the US OWES to the FedRes. So any demand for lawful money under 12 USC 411, is (or SHOULD be) DEDUCTED from the national debt. In other words, the FedRes is NOT obligated to redeem their FRN debt notes for REAL money, while the US is still OWING THEM $trillions.
But you still SHOULD be redeeming all your paychecks in lawful money, for two reasons: One, it reduces the national debt, and two, when you do, you no longer receive income in the United States. Since FRN's are mere PROMISES to PAY, they're not considered income under common law, ONLY under COMMERCE, i.e. Law Merchant AKA the UCC. Under common law, a promisory note is not considered money, UNTIL PAID.
In other words, when you're engaged in COMMERCE, which using negotiable instruments, such as the FRNs is, you're subject to the Congress' (United States) jurisdiction, under the interstate commerce clause of the US Constitution. So that when you USE FRNs, you're subject to the United States codes, or as the IRS puts it, you LIVE and WORK in the United States.
And that's what the IRS means when they say that everyone who lives and works in United States has to pay income tax. Meaning that when you engage in interstate commerce, you're considered to LIVE in the United States, which is District of Columbia and territories. They just see everyone who's subject to federal jurisdiction, as LIVING in United States.
And that also means that when you're NOT engaged in interstate commmerce, you DON'T live in United States. You live in a state of the UNION, or the USA. Which means that returning back to the Constitutional Republic, from the Matrix of the legislative Democracy, is as simple as STOPPING being engaged in interstate commerce!
Or at least, limit your commerce activities as much as possible. And of course a MAJOR step toward that is demanding redemption of your paychecks in LAWFUL MONEY. It'll reduce the national debt, and should also remove you from tax liability. In other words, you'd be helping to starve the corporate State beast.
Now, when you're an employee, you get W2 form at the end of the year which shows your wages, which the IRS PRESUMES is INCOME for tax purposes. They're right that it is income, but ONLY when you don't demand redemption of your paychecks in lawful money. When you endorse your paychecks unconditionally, then you're accepting CREDIT from FedRes, via the US, in the form of promises to pay, the FRNs.
And under Law Merchant (the UCC), promises to pay are ASSETS, i.e. 'money', so since 1954 when the UCC was accepted in all 50 States, getting paid with FRNs, is INCOME. But when you demand to have your paychecks redeemed in lawful money, you're REMOVING any debt liability that comes with use of FRNs, and converting FRNs into REAL lawful money, although they can't give you the actual silver and gold coins yet, because they're bankrupt. In other words, you're EXITING United States, by NOT being engaged in interstate commerce, and operating under common law instead.
And using lawful money entitles you to FULL, allodial titles, such as the MCO for the car, or allodial ownership of land.
Oh, and regarding those W2's, if you're demanding LM when depositing your paychecks, then those amounts are NOT income, since they're NOT in interstate commerce, therefore they were NOT earned in the United States. So one should be able to DEDUCT those amounts from income on form 1040, as CREDIT on line 21. And if the IRS can call being engaged in interstate commerce as LIVING in United States, we should be able to say that we DON'T live in United States, when we're NOT engaged in interstate commerce.
In other words, since being engaged in interstate commerce PLACES you in United States, because that makes you SUBJECT to United States (federal gov't), then NOT being engaged in it, should place you OUTSIDE of United States (outside of Congress' and IRS' jurisdiction).
And lastly, since all States voluntarily use FRN debt notes, they also are engaged in interstate commerce, and so the federal gov't considers them IN THE United States subject to federal law! In other words, they're no longer considered sovereign, and federal law overrules State law. So the States are federal subjects, so in the corporate Matrix (Democracy), it's the United States (federal gov't) and ITS (corporate) States, while in the Republic, it's the United States (states of the Union) and THEIR (sovereign) states. And since they can't abolish the Constitutional states of the Union, they OVERLAID their corporate States over the territory of the sovereign states, using, among other things, two-letter State designations and ZIP codes.
So depending on your STATUS and engagement in commerce, you can be either a sovereign state Citizen or Inhabitant, or a federal US citizen. One is Domiciled on the land of the Republic, the other is a resident of a corporate State, such as CA, FL, TX, etc.

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