Monday, October 20, 2014

Stolen Identity Equals Personal Grand Theft

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Francis X. Donnelly, in the Detroit News, tells the story of Detroiter Mamie Chalmers, who claims -- with significant evidence to back her up -- that she was one of the people blasted by a fire hose during a 1963 demonstration in Birmingham, Ala. The image became an iconic photo and did much to convey to the world the police brutality during the civil rights movement in the south.

Now the Detroit News has published a story saying that one of Birmingham’s most prominent civil rights activists, Carolyn McKinstry, 65, has for years been claiming to be the girl in a famous Life magazine photograph of demonstrators being blasted by water from a fire hose, while Mamie Chalmers, 71, the actual person in the photograph, lives in Detroit.
The Detroit News report, by Francis X. Donnelly, said McKinstry admitted that it was not her in the photo when contacted on Sunday.
The report said McKinstry has claimed in numerous interviews, including a Nov. 22, 1999 appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, that she was the person in the photograph.
The photo, taken 50 years ago today on May 3, 1963, was perhaps the most famous photo taken by civil rights photographer and native Alabamian Charles Moore, who worked at the time as a freelancer through Black Star photo service, which sold many of his pictures to Life magazine.
Chalmers said she first heard about McKinstry's claim in 1997 and has been trying to set the record straight ever since.
McKinstry, who has been co-chair of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church renovation project and a board member of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, could not be reached for comment today.
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