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From Pharaoh to Negro"

From Pharaoh to Negro" by Walter Williams 
Each year the month of February is set aside to highlight the people of African origin, their events and the history that was made during their stay in this country called America. It began with Carter G. Woodson, the great educator and writer, whom initiated Negro History Week. Later it was expanded for a month and called Black history Month. 
The name Black History Month was used for many years until Jesse Jackson suggested that we call ourselves African Americans. So, today the month of February is called African American History Month. Let’s investigate and find out what we as a people are doing to ourselves when we accept and allow ourselves to be called by these meaningless names. Always remember, whatever name you call yourself there is a history attached to it. Let us examine the name Negro. The name Negro was first given to us by the Portuguese and Spanish slave traders during our stay under their domination in the Americas (South America, Brazil, Venezuela, etc.). 
The name Negro was first applied to the Coptic Egyptian Moors who were taken out of Spain by Christopher Columbus on orders of Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492 for religious and racial reasons. The Coptic Egyptian Moors at that time were the highest civilized people on earth. Coptics are the direct descendants of the Ancient Egyptians and with them were the last direct seeds of that great civilization. 
Prior to the Coptic Egyptian Moors being dumped in the Americas, their ancestors interacted with the indigenous Indians for many years. This is evidenced by the pyramids and other artifacts found in South and North America. This name Negro was applied to the Coptic Egyptian Moors to finish the destruction of the connection with the people and the institutions developed by their ancestors, the Ancient Egyptians. 
The first damaging blow had been struck many years earlier by Alexander the Greek who invaded Egypt in 332 B.C.E. In 1619 came the first enslaved Africans to what is now the United States of America. These Africans along with the Ancient Egyptians, who were living among indigenous Indians at that time, were grouped under one umbrella by the uncivilized savage European enslavers. As part of the plan to demoralize and degrade the captured Africans, the Europeans called the Africans, including the free Ancient Egyptians, by the most meaningless name ever applied to a group of people, Negro. 
The name Negro is translated to mean "Black" and today it is suggested to mean "African American". If you research the history attached to the names Negro, Black, African American, you will find a non-existent, non-ethnic race of people due to the fact that one cannot go to the world map and pick out a geographical land area called Negroland, Blackland or African Americanland. Further, this name Negro (Black) is defined in the history books written by Europeans to mean a "Hewer of Wood and a Drawer of Water" i.e. a perpetual servant. Therefore, being cut off from the knowledge of which our ancient ancestors are we find ourselves in this degraded dilemma. 
Whenever you let others define who you are, your perception of yourself is based on the views of someone else. It does not matter whether that view is correct or perverted; you are no longer in control of your own identity. Today we are still allowing others to define who we are as a people. The blame can be placed on the institution of racism in America, the organized school system, and our so-called leaders (social, religious, political) who have allowed us to continue in this debased ignorance to this very day. The name Negro (Black) leaves us without a common ethnicity, history of traditions, customs, language, ancestral consciousness or one geographical identity. Moreover, there is no common ancient history or ancient tradition from which to connect our creations, inventions or spiritual thoughts if we continue to call ourselves Negro, Black, or African American. The names Negro, Black and African American are used to cover up the facts of our greatness as a people. 
Our history began thousands of years before slavery. Our ancestors, the Ancient Egyptians, gave the world civilization. It behooves us to begin this very day to transcend for all time the memory of our existence as descendants of slaves in this country and reach for the hidden doors of our minds that will reintroduce us through celebration to our great and grand heritage as descendants of the Ancient Egyptians. 
The way of life established by the Ancient Egyptians was based on the cosmic order and balance of "Ma’at". The Ancient Egyptian Goddess Ma’at represents truth, justice, peace, wisdom and love. The rich culture of the first unified democracy of the world that was practiced in Ancient Egypt was maintained for over 9,000 years using Ma’at as their theme and underlying principle. This principle provided fairness, harmony and security to all the citizens of Ancient Egypt. 
The genius of Our Ancient Egyptian ancestors is witnessed in the fact that they had the foresight and insight to leave us, their descendants who today out of ignorance are calling themselves Negroes, Blacks, African Americans, Nubians, Sudanese and Ethiopians an immortal divine spiritual legacy that still can be seen in the creation of their architecture, engineering, mathematics, science, physics, art, literature to name a few. The Sphinx, Monuments, and the only remaining Seven Wonders of the World, the GREAT PYRAMID also evidences this greatness. 
I now urge you to resurrect the Ancient Egyptians into your spiritual consciousness and in so doing you will bring to the light the great people that are inside of you, your ancestors the Ancient Egyptians. And, at that same time you will elevate yourselves from a misnomer such as (Negro, Black, and African American) back to your world cosmic position, the Pharaoh. You must find your way back to Ancient Egypt! 
Love and Peace 
Walter Williams 
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