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Thursday, December 5, 2013

What is Real Money and What is not Real Money

When we look at the dollar we use today it appears
To look like what we think is money.
But after careful examination of todays $20.00 bill
It states clearly across the top Federal Reserve Note
Well what is the definition of a note?
For full clarity go to

Blacks Law Dictionary 6th edition defines a not as follows
An instrument containing an express and absolute
Promise of signer (i.e. Maker) of the note.

But nothing here about the word money just a promise!
This deservers an in debt investigation
Does the word money appear on this note anywhere?
The answer is no!

Well then why would a man who had just been robbed
Call police and confess to them that someone just held
Him up and took all of his money?

And when the police ask the man how much did they take
He replies about $150.00 dollars
Shouldn't he had told the police that someone had just
Relieved him of 150 burden's of debt or some of his
Monopoly pieces insted?

Well lets take a look at the word money Blacks Law 6th edition
Defines money as follows In usual ordinary acceptation it
Means coins and paper currency used as circulating medium
Of exchange, and does not embrace notes, bonds, evidences of debt,
Or personal or real estate.

That would explain why the word money doesn't appear on
That $20.00 note because it's not money WOW!
And then there is a picture of a dead guy on it.
Something fishy is going on here!

What about real money?
Lets go back to Blacks Law 6th edition
Definition under real money
It states Money which has real metallic intrinsic
Value and distinguished from paper currency, checks and drafts.
The magic word is metallic! As in metal of some kind

Websters 2 new riverside dictionary defines Gold as follows
A soft yellow, highly malleable and ductile metallic
Element that is used esp. In coins and jewelry.
Coins made of gold MONEY! a moderate to vivid

Here we have this metal defined as money

Lets take one last look at another word
The word Coin.

Blacks Law dictionary 6th edition
Coin: Pieces of gold, silver, or other metal, fashioned
And stamped, by authority of government, with certain
Marks and devices, and put into circulation as money at
A fixed value. Metal money.

For the who's what when, where and why we have debt notes
In America and what caused this problem
Go to

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