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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

THE TRUE HISTORY OF "Christ-Mas" The Beginning


The Beginning

The original God-Men of the Nile, Kemetians, Canaanites, Hittites and Moabites were the world’s first Astronomers. They recorded the exact timing and beginning of the four seasons within a calendar year. “Solstice”, pronounced sahl stihs, is one of the two periods during the year when the sun is either its northernmost or southernmost position. The winter solstice occurs between December 21st and 25th, marking the first day of winter, a day with the fewest moments of daylight all year. The commemorating of this equinox by the ancient Africans was the first significant observation of December 25th. Today, the celebrated holiday known as Christmas, having been transformed from the science of astronomy to heathenism, will actually find its roots in east Amexem (first true and divine name of Africa) during ancient Babylon. Christmas is a pagan holiday, which was first formed by Semiramis, the mother-wife of Nimrod. This became a holiday after Semiramis indoctrinated it into the Babylonish government upon the death of Nimrod. Her intentions were to preserve her husband-son as an infinite spiritual being in the eyes of all men.

The Birthday

Nimrod is the founder of organized competition and the separation of state and church form of government. Known as “The Hunter”, the name Nimrod, in Hebrew means, “He Rebelled”. After the great earthquake, he was the first to rebel against the laws of Allah and establish man-ruled governments. Nimrod believed in competing so strongly that he even tried to compete against the Father of the Universe. Surely, his profit-making economic system of government reflects even unto this day. History shows he built the famed Tower of Babel in vain defiance of the Great God’s will over the will of man. Needful to say, he failed very uncommunicatively. Semiramis’ claim, after Nimrod’s burial, was that a full-grown evergreen tree sprang forth from a dead tree stump, symbolizing the new life of Nimrod. She then proclaimed, annually, upon his birth date, Nimrod’s spirit would leave gifts upon the evergreen tree. Nimrod’s birth date? December 25th. This December 25th has a history dating back 3000 BC to Horus of Ancient Kemet. Then Persia’s Mithra of 1200 BC, Greece’s Attis of 1200 BC, India’s Krishna of 900 BC and in 500 BC there was Dionysus of Greece. Strangely all of these and others were of virgin births, crucified and resurrected on the third day after their deaths. However, this never was the true birth date of Yehoshua, son of Joseph by Mary; nor does any Holy Book support this political concept. The birth of Yehoshua, as these other great December 25th mystical births, actually is a reflection of “The Great Winter Solstice” because the date serves as a symbol of the new life coming forth from the darkest day (longest night).

The Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree custom is also a pagan tradition stemming from Nimrod’s mother in her attempt to immortalize her son. The only transitions made since that day is now those that accept Nimrod’s teachings are bringing the gifts to the tree instead of Nimrod’s mother. This is in defiance of the direct order found in your Holy Bible, (Jeremiah 10:2-6), which forbids this “way of the heathen”. The relationship of Semiramis and Nimrod is also the beginning of “The Madonna” (Mother and Child, Silent Night Holy Night) series. There were also in Egypt, Isis and Osiris; in Asia, Cybele and Deoius, and Fortuna and Jupiterpuer in Rome, etc. Then in 400 AD, Catholicism promoted Mary and Yehoshua, who were very Jewish, into today’s Madonna concept. Pagans and their descendants have, over the two millenniums, incorporated “The Madonna” into whichever religion that seems good unto themselves. Still, the carnal customs of man will not alter the nature of truth.


The word “Christmas” means Mass of Christ. Early converts to European Christianity, formerly of the Roman Catholic Order, gave the official title to this holiday. This festive day was brought into Palestine, which was subjugated under the Greek-Roman government and politically imposed into the hoi poloi by superstitious pagans of Judaism. Their founder and Master Protestant, Martin Luther later carried this mass ritual into the Christian denominations. 

Christmas was not observed by any of the Roman officials during the first 350 years after they staged the crucifixion of Yehoshua. In the fourth century, Christmas was socially accepted although not lawfully written. During the fifth century, Christmas was ordered lawful in the western Church, but only because December 25th was also the day true Romans honored their acceptance of the Solar Calendar by Julius Caesar. The Months of July, August and October were named after Roman Officials, e.g. Julius, Augustus and Octavius. Romans have habitually made heroes of their living and martyrs of the dead. Albeit the blending of ‘pure’ Roman blood with Jewish beliefs was not exactly patriotic, it was a matter of State and civil protocol to exalt a dead Caesar from the pagan ashes of a Church supported holiday. Much feasting and merrymaking celebrated this day. The great Roman Council, Church and Senate were trying to sustain the peace they would only enjoy until the advent of Mohammed. In later years through Constantine’s rule of Rome, Christmas got its greatest acceleration into today’s acceptance. While in power, Constantine adopted and made lawful Sunday the holy day of the religion he was converted to. Originally, this was the polytheist’s day for worshipping their sun god. This guided the future world order to polytheism and other practices of serving God(s) outside of themselves. Yet a Roman Emperor must do all in his power to preserve Rome and protect it against civil detriments. Traditionally the Roman government is by the people and for the people. Thus, Christmas and the Sun’s Day, like gambling and Same-Sex Marriages, were what the People wanted.


The Roman Catholic Bishop, of the 5th Century, named “Bishop Nicholas of Myra” is the original Santa Claus. Bishop Nicholas was most noted for giving an enormous dowry to three daughters of a poor Greek-Roman citizen. He maintained that tradition on the eve of his birthdays by giving gifts in secrecy to some downtrodden. His birthday was on December 6th. After his passing, Greeks and Romans alike exulted Bishop Nicholas to the station of Saint. Saint is the highest ideal to the Roman Catholic Order and is bestowed upon a Catholic man or woman, of good deeds on earth, after they pass flesh.
Nicknaming is also a pagan practice. To defame, shorten or reduce one’s attributes or identity is a European custom. Nicknaming eventually leads to the deforming of one’s status and subsequent misplacement. In fact, after naming themselves “White”, Europeans became world renowned for renaming, nicknaming and misnomers until the original, true and divine names are meaningless or forgotten. Today, for example, many people are fooled by the familiar misnomers “Indians”, “Blacks” and “Sardines”. These are not true names of the subjects and subsequently they do not exist. Like so, Saint Nicholas became St. Nick and into today’s Santa Claus of the North Pole complete with superhuman powers, 400 Slave-Elves w/tennis shoes on and eight 5.0 Reindeer crunk on 8-cylinders. Saint Nicholas’s birthday was later merged into the December 25th economic folly. This is to be in accord with the tradition of “by the people and for the people”. It is also well to note the three Sheiks (wise Men) brought gifts to Baby Jehoshua (Aramaic for Justice or Yehoshua), not because of his Father and Mother’s financial status but because he was born through the noble African birth of a King (Matt: 1). Both parents were Adepts of the Ancient Egyptian mystery System where Jehoshua would later receive his Christhood. This was a custom of honor among great men. Today the gifts are given to anyone but the King. Albeit the foundation of Christianity had not yet begun in Rome, therefore, contrary to modern belief, although Jehoshua was a Christ, he was not a Christian because Christianity, as a religion, was still unknown. “Peace” was taught to be the way of life for Yehoshua. This is why he often greeted the masses with “Al-Salome Alakum” (Luke 24; 36). Today, at Christmas time, the term “Peace On Earth, Goodwill Towards All Men” is mediated by the New World Order. Hummm, yet isn’t it strange, 2,000 years later when a person repeats the words of Yehoshua: “Unto you be Peace” they are called “Terrorist”?

The Pillaged Colours of Christmas

The adored Christmas colors of ‘Green & Red’ are yet another stolen legacy that originated in the West African Empire of Moorish Nations. Prior to the African Slave Trade, to the Moorish nationals, “Green” was the adopted color for ‘Islam’ and meant ‘fresh life, life everlasting. The “Red” symbolized ‘blood that has been shed in defense of the high principles Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice’. To this day, the National Flag of the West African kingdom of Morocco and the Moorish American National Flag both display these colors with an open-green pentagram centered in a blood red Banner. Yet, few western minds, especially those of the misnomered Negroes, Blacks and Colored People, notice the use of these grand colors are forbidden to be manufactured, displayed or worn for fear inquiring minds will really want to know their origin (?). One merely should check their wardrobe to note the absence of the combined Moorish green and red colors; (except for the “Ho! Ho! Ho!” connection). As for Yule logs, Holly, Mistletoe, Trinity of melanin-less people, flying reindeer and bearded paleskin fat men that stalk folks all year to tell if they’ve been good or bad; all of these are falsehoods, paganistic and hold no true salvation for fallen Humanity. Without a doubt, Christmas is the biggest European hoax and pacifier of psychic subjugation since they made an African “Jeeezus” in their pale skin likeness just so they could remember who is their Creator. Most damaging of all is the children of western cultures, by being fed a steady diet of these media lies cannot develop the freedom of their God Powers that are found only in truth.

Remember: Consider thou art a parent and the child thou hath produced is thy duty to support. It is in the nature of every soul to seek truth, even to the very ends of the universe. Therefore educate your children with the maxims of truth and their hearts will unfold unto infinite wisdom. 
Swift Angel #1

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