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Monday, October 7, 2013

Urban Geoponics 10/07 by Tarhaka | Education Podcasts

Urban Geoponics 10/07 by Tarhaka | Education Podcasts
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With Special guest Diallo Sekou, Sundiata El, and Brother Uself El
Is urban-Geo-Ponics one of the most imports solutions to controlling natural resources in the country and the globe?
Are your study groups working on group economics?
What other groups are dealing Food, Clothing and Shelter
Why aren't groups working on inheritable wealth for the children?
Can people break out of individual accolades and be concerned with their community?
Can creating sound community be a solution to wealth, health, power and influence?
How do we apply these methods?
When can we see results?
Can we duplicate this?
Is it unifying effort for all Asiatics?
where did the concept from?
Who else if any one is doing this?
Where else is this taking place?
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