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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Federal Student Loan Debt Solutions

The first thing we must consider in dealing with any debt 
In America is the fact there is no money! Just debt notes
Armed with this knowledge, we have to ask the question 
How can I pay a debt with a debt?
When someone tells me they will give me a student loan
My first question should be, is what will you except for
Payment for the best student loan I can get!
The United States filed bankruptcy in 1933 and is still
in that bankruptcy today. House Joint resolution 192 was
Put in place that same year and is still in place today
Which means if all the real money (gold) has been
Confiscated from the people by the Government at gun
Point and a remedy was put in place for the people
To discharge debts threw signature how could we be
Expected to pay a student loan with debt notes.
Now this is quite interesting when you apply for a
Federal student loan, Government student loan, college
Student loan, private student loan, or any other student
Loan, for that matter the first thing we should consider
Is it has to be debt and the only logical conclusion for
Student loan payment is set off or cancellation of
Contract go to
Most student loan people are laden with debt from
Trying to fiscally pay student loan debt with
Debt notes the loan is not designed to pay off. Not only
Is it debt but it has interest attached to it wow!
Now we come to the part about getting the student loan
In the first place in most cases you are told you will get
The loan then you find out you have your school and class
Scheduled with time, books and all that go's along with
It but you do not receive the cash you are told your tuition
Has been paid but do you have proof of that who got the
Gold. So you attent school until you graduate and then WAM!
But how are you gonna pay back money you never got or seen
When there are no jobs available for people with your skills
What a mess so we run for the student loan calculator or start
Looking for some type of student loan consolidation program
Well just stop for a moment take a look at other options
Go to examine the page
From top to bottom click on the rest of the links for the solution
and the end......By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey.


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