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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Original Problem Stated...(PLEASE SHARE THIS POST)

1.The mortgage contract was ''void ab-initio'' because BANK OF AMERICA lied and never intended to lend a single cent of their own asset or depositor's money to the buyer.
2. A valid contract must have lawful or valuable consideration. The contract failed for anticipated breach. BANK OF AMERICA never planned to give the buyer/borrower any valuable consideration.
3. Bank OF AMERICA breached all its fiduciary duties to the buyer and is therefore guilty of criminal breach of trust by failing in its good faith requirement.
4. BANK OF AMERICA concealed the fact from the buyer that it would be using the buyer's promissory notes; first to clear all the liens and encumbrances in order to convey clear title to the buyer and then use the second promissory note to obtain more money from the Federal Reserve Bank or other institutions that buy and sell mortgage-backed security. BANK OF AMERICA received up to three times the amount of money required to purchase the property and kept the proceeds to itself without telling the buyer.
5. BANK OF AMERICA violated its corporate charter by lending ''credit'' or ''nothing at all'' to the buyer and then charging interest on this make-believe loan. Banks are only licensed to lend their own money, not other people's money. BANK OF AMERICA used the buyer's promissory note to clear the title which essentially purchased the property from the seller. The transaction is ''an ultra vires'' transaction because BANK OF AMERICA has engaged in a contract ''outside of its lawful mandate. An ultra vires contract is void or voidable because it is non-existent in law.
6. Everyone involved in this undertaking with BANK OF AMERICA, starting with the loan or mortgage officer, the lawyers, the land title office and even the central bank are equally guilty by association by aiding and abetting BANK OF AMERICA in its commission of its crimes against the buyer and the people who would eventually have to absorb all of the loss through increased taxes, etc.
In connection with my signature indicates that I have reserved my Common Law right
NOT TO BE COMPELLED TO PERFORM under any contract I did not enter into
KNOWINGLY, VOLUNTARILY, and INTENTIONALLY. And I do not accept the liability
associated with the compelled benefit of any UN-REVEALED CONTRACT OR
COMMERCIAL AGREEMENT. Signed______________________________________________ GET OUT OF

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