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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why People of African Decent Born in America are not Citizens

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  1. Brother El Bey Please forward these remarks to Dr. Williams as his
    email is not taking sent mail thank you in advance.

    Dear Dr. Williams

    Let me begin by first saying I love and respect your work and have both of your classic works on the origins

    of Christianity and Islam. But I've come across a video you might be interested in taking a look at that proves

    essentially in my opinion what has become common knowledge that all people on the planet are essentially

    mutations of the original man and woman who were, are Africans. I send you this video evidence because I heard you say

    in one of your videos with brother Taharka el Bey that you don't support the idea of all people being derived from

    Africans. Any way I am leaving you the link to the video evidence for your consideration.