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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dealing with arrogant County Recorders

Here’s info from an older booklet about Land Patents. I’ve just pulled out the info on how to MAKE county recorders to record your docs. Basically the Recorder is protected by STATUTE when he refuses to record certain documents. But Constitution TRUMPS statutes (especially when you know how to Prosecute someone under common law, like Karl Lentz teaches), so claiming a violation of your constitutional right could result in winning big $$$ from the insurance company that provides surety bonds for that Recorder. So they’re the ultimate authority who decide whether the Recorder can refuse to record your docs.
Most states have laws that entitle anyone to get CERTIFIED copies of public officials’ SURETY BONDS, and after you get that, the recorder might be more willing to do his job. We also might Accept that bond and appoint them a trustee for your strawman ESTATE.
Furthermore, many States (like California) have laws saying that People of the State are sovereign, so you might tell the Recorder, “Dude, this States recognizes me as a SOVEREIGN, and you think you can refuse to record my documents???”
So the key to this would seem to be 1) demand a certified copy of their SURETY BOND, and 2) Know how to make a claim or complaint under COMMON LAW.
Karl Lentz would tell you that all you have to do is make a CLAIM as a man in court, but I'm not so sure; it'd help a lot I think, if your status was not that of a US person but a State Citizen or Inhabitant. But it worked for these guys without claiming that or going to court, so it might work for other people that way too.
“It took Richard and I four months to force our recorder to record our patents, even after we
showed him in black and white that the law said he had to do it.
The banker’s boys, the attorneys of risk management, kept saying no and finally, when we found the arm twisting surety bond technique, the recorder did capitulate.
That quotient will also jump after I show you how to twist an elected official or bureaucrat’s arm if they happen to refuse to record your patent. You don’t have to go to court to force action. Three sentences from you and a short time period for the person to check with risk management, and you will have your desired action.This action on the surety bond is effective and fast. Or, if you like, you can institute action in court.
Idaho revised code 59-811, custody of official bonds-certified copies given every officer with
whom official bonds are filed must carefully keep and preserve the same and give certified
copies thereof to any person demanding the same, upon being paid the same fees as are allowed by law for certified copies of papers in other cases. (1971)
Every state has similar statutes and they are for the same purpose. They are not to protect the official but to protect the public. Some states, such as Washington state have statutes that are even more stringent.
The revised code of Washington 4217.250 is very much to the point. It delineates our status as
“sovereigns” and “principles” and the officials status as “servant” and “agent”. It doesn’t get any
plainer than that. Knowledge is indeed power and you are powerful. You just may not have known it.
“Public officials are not immune from suit when they transcend their lawful authority by invading
constitutional rights” [American Federation of state, county and municipal employees, AFLCIO
v. Woodward 406 j2d 137 t]
“There is no risk of criminal prosecution where one in good faith challenges an agency” [Casey v.
FTSCA, Wash. 578j2d 793 (1978)]
If your recorder is honest and smart you will have no trouble and he will record your paperwork, the law does not give him the right to make a legal determination of what to file and what not to file. That is the court’s duty. However, if he does question you, ask him (these are the three questions mentioned previously);
(1) to show in your states code what his job is. Point out to him the law (it’s the same in every
state or close enough for government work); if he still does not record your documents, then
(2) demand a copy of his surety bond and
(3) the name of his insurance carrier for that bond
Inform him that it is CYA time (cover your assets) because you intend to file a claim with his insurance company against his bond. A lot of them are duped and don’t know they are being used. At this point he is going to start hollering for risk management (the banker’s boys). This is when risk management usually caves in. Some may be obstinate and continue to fight but eventually they can’t handle the pressure. If risk management gets stubborn you can also file against their surety bond too. When the insurance company, who looks at it dispassionately, tells them that if they continue they will lose and lose big, they capitulate.
You might also inform the recorder of what the consequences are when he loses, which he will do, because the law is on your side, even in their own kangaroo courts. Those consequences are a loss of deductible. If the loss is big enough he loses pension, benefits, and eventually if it goes so far that he is convicted of denying your constitutional right, he loses his job, house and the whole nine yards. Oh yes, you get the house and assets, so it is worth pursuing.
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