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Sunday, September 11, 2016


Now I don't know much about living off the grid, just that in most cities it is illegal because it's in violation of the city code. So one way to beat that would be living outside of the city, or somehow taking your land out of city jurisdiction.
Also see below how to ELIMINATE police from a city, simply by un-incorporating.
Here's how cities work. There are basically three areas in a State;

1) Cities - which are incorporated
2) Unincorporated areas
3) Unincorporated areas organized into towns.

Now, those dreaded city codes only apply to cities. If you're in an unincorporated area, then there are no city codes to obey, only COUNTY codes.

For example here in SoCal, one unincorporated town is Midway City. It's called a city but it's unincorporated. And that means that town has NO POLICE. Police protection is provided by the County sheriff and California Highway patrol. Of course that means less chance of being hassled by the cops, since that "city" has no city police dept.

Another thing are business licenses. Those are required in cities for ALL businesses, but in Midway City, there's no city hall, so no business licenses are required by the city. However certain businesses do require a business license. And those are handled by the Sheriff's dept.
For example in Orange County, the Sheriff only requires a license for these businesses (in unincorporated areas):
Businesses Licensed by the Sheriff's Department:
Bingo Games
Bingo Official
Coin Dealer
Dance Instructor
Dance Studio
Escort Bureau
Figure Model (Nude)
Figure Model (Studio)
Gun Dealer
Interlocutrix (Nude)
Interlocutrix Studio
Junk Collector
Junk Dealer
Pool Room
Public Bath/Massage Parlor
Public Dance
Rap Session (Nude)
Secondhand Dealer
Taxicab Stand 
So if you're in an unincorporated area, including an unincorporated town like Midway City, those are the only businesses that you'd be required to have a license for. Here's a link:
Another thing is that neighboring cities cannot annex unincorporated areas larger than 150 acres, without a vote of people living in those areas. And of course living in an unincorporated area doesn't mean that it's like living in wilderness. Unincorporated areas can contract with the County for water and sewage, and at lower rates than those that cities pay. Property taxes are also lower.
And regarding building permits, there of course are no city codes to abide by, but they still regulate that by county codes. Here in O.C. it's the OC Public Works that handles that:
So it would seem that living in an unincorporated area would minimize the amount of red tape that you'd need to deal with, and maybe even live off the grid, since there are no city codes to deal with.
Furthermore, if people in an unincorporated area (larger than 150 acres) have to give a permission to be annexed by a neighboring city, it would seem to me that people living in a city on an area larger than 150 acres, might get together and VOTE to EXIT the city, and make their neighborhood unincorporated.
Of course it'd be even better to exit the corporate city and county, by having your land reclassified from residential, business, etc., to PRIVATE, but obviously you're not entitled to that if you bought that land with green paper which ignorant people call money. To even start going in that direction, you'd have to STOP VOLUNTARILY using private credit from FedRes, and demand redemption of all your paychecks in lawful money under 12US411.
Here's Midway City info:

Municipal annexation[edit]
"Being an unincorporated county area, municipal annexation by cities whose border is in physical contact with Midway City' border is an ongoing issue for Midway City.
Attempts at complete annexation have met fierce resistance from Midway's residents, who would rather have their community remain an unincorporated area of Orange County to maintain water and property tax rates that are lower than neighboring communities.[5] However, Midway City's land adjacent to its borders slowly has been annexed by Westminster over time, particularly along the heavily traveled Beach Boulevard/California State Route 39 where that annexed land could be redeveloped to generate significant business tax revenue for Westminster. As a result, Midway City presently is composed of four anemic sections, or "islands", that are having stepped boundaries.
As of the census[55] of 2000, there were 8,934 people, 2,672 households, and 1,982 families residing in the unincorporated area.
Islands with less than 150 acres can be annexed without a vote by the annexation targeted island. "

Oh and regarding Land patents, Rancho Las Bolsas (or a part of it), was the original land patent here in Orange county:

And again, as land patents are COMMON LAW of the republic, you just can't claim one if you're a voluntary user of private credit from Federal Reserve, since that puts you under the corporate Public Policy (statutory law). Remember, properties bought with PRIVATE CREDIT from Federal Reserve (FRNs), can't be classified PRIVATE, since they're COLLATERAL behind the $20 trillion federal debt.
BTW, I hope you realize that people in a city or several cities, could ELIMINATE all city police, simply by un-incorporating their cities. Then they'd live in unincorporated areas, which would be policed by county sheriff and Highway patrol. So there'd be no cops to generate revenue to pay the city bureaucrats' salaries.
So you see, you can get rid of the police in a city and all the red tape regarding city codes, if majority of people vote to unincorporate your city. 
So the way it works, is that RESIDENTS in an area have a choice whether to incorporate their city or not, this being decided by a majority vote. And we know what RESIDENTS are, don't we? They're the corporate subjects JOHN DOEs, who reside in federal ZIP code regions, and who voluntarily use private credit from FedRes (FRNs), instead of lawful money.
So those who DON'T voluntarily contract with the STATE, don't use private credit from FedRes, and don't live in federal ZIP regions, are then NON-RESIDENTS, being real people who are either State Inhabitants or State Citizens.  And those are entitled to protection of the ORGANIC State Constitution, as they are members of the sovereign people of the State.

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