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Monday, July 11, 2016


We have been at war for 400 years, the media is trying to bring it under control, the police job is not to protect the average Joe, but to protect the interest of the rich and those who are recorded as white, we stand alone, we must protect ourselves and our children at all cost, what is going on now is the media using the same B.S. to side step the real solution that came to light in Dallas, but we on the other hand are not paying attention,
They are saying to you we know you have been hit in the head with a brick, but we will tell you which way to fall.
Demonstrations don't mean nothing, the truth is we must look at the history of our enemy every where he has gone on the earth, understand his nature it wont change because it can not change,.
Once you understand that, you will do the same thing the Japanese did, and the so called Indians did, your ancient African ancestors did.
Any time you have a man and woman take your babies and feed them to alligators in the everglades just to catch gators for profit, that should tell you something is wrong with the thinking of this particular people.
You have been lynched, burned, castrated, beheaded, hung, shot, drug behind cars and trucks, your woman straddled and beaten in broad daylight in the streets, electrocuted, gassed, split half in too by horses, raped, sodomized, chopped to pieces with an AX , enslaved until this very day, human hunted for sport, buried alive, stabbed, butchered, spit upon, Denationalized chopped to pieces put in freezers and eaten, put in a caged, Massively attacked in Tulsa and Florida and all over Africa and America, your homes destroyed by fire, your children hauled off to jail and their courts, framed them, at 11 and 12 years old for nothing they did wrong, gunned down at 11 and 12 and the man who did it found not guilty in their courts. Shot in the head for whistling at his woman and found not guilty and even killed for looking at them too long.
To the point they made it against the law, Jim Crowed, robbed of your culture, demoralized, dehumanized, ostracized, regarded as non human when it is they who have no hue, illegally occupying your land, stomping you, beating you, spraying you with chemicals and dogs and splitting your scull open with wood, plastic and steel without guilt or mercy. Poisson you at Tuskegee with Syphilis, he dropped an Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima Japan leading you to believe he was justified and righteous when he knew the men were in the Pacific standing up to him man to man while he went behind the backs of the real men and dropped a bomb killing women, children, the elderly and the handy capped.
He came back to America leading you to believe he was civilized and a real man.
While still giving you his [you know what to kiss,] tricked you again in Vie t Nam
You went for it again you were killed there and [given his you know what to kiss once again] and you still following the same man, now he is ready to bury you in disposable coffins and put you in death camps just like he did in Germany and covered it up,.he Boiled you
in hot oil and hot water alive, tarred and feathered you, abducted you,and much much more to numerous to mention.

He befriended and removed the people from the Pacific Islands, poison the land put the people back on the land where they died from radiation, he was not killing the people fast enough in Australia so he went up in the mountains and poison the natural water, killing millions and turning around and calling himself an Australian. Your children bombed in church at Sunday School in Birmingham Alabama and guess what ? he was found not guilty. EVERY WHERE HE HAS EVER GONE ON THIS EARTH HE HAS KILLED SOMEONE, HE DON'T GET ALONG WITH NOBODY ON EARTH.

What does that tell you about this kind of people.
My question to you Moor, Egyptian, Negro Colored or Black, is What are you prepared to do about this animal in all 50 States, RIGHT NOW!
As they parade the useless Miss educated people who look like you, who don't know that this particular enemy has never won a gorilla war, in front of you threw the media, and talk about the children whose forefathers were the murderers of your ancestors who have been killed, we need to encouraged the
people who look like you and me to present the facts as stated above, so we are ready to lay out the facts
P.S. I challenge the following men The so call black police Chief in Dallas, AL Sharpton, All Caucasian
Males including the pope, All so called Black News Anchors, All so called Pimps, Black Preachers and Pastors
Nation wide, man to man, toe to toe, on the world scene so I can lay down the facts on the table so they can point out to me where it is wrong, and why should we continue to listen to the children whose actions has not changed since the same type killing's and murder's as their forefathers every where they ever went on earth.
I will truly miss my beloved brother the shooter in Dallas Texas brave and
Determined to do the right thing, WELL DONE BEATS WELL SAID EVERYTIME, I respect you, honor you and will never forget you.

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