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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

PayPal stole money out of my bank account

PayPal stole money out of my bank account

On Thursday May 5th I tried to transfer $500.00 dollars from my PayPal account to my Bank account nothing happened I received an email from PayPal on the 11th explaining to me that there was an error and the money would be put back into my PayPal account it never happened, I contacted PayPal by phone on the 16th, I was told the money would be put back into my account in a couple of days it never happened. I contacted PayPal again on Sunday May 22nd I was then told that the money was put into my account on the 10th. I was told to go to the bottom of my account page and click on another page

I never knew existed, to see that it shows the money was there on the 10th of May. But the money was never put back. if it was I would have been able to pay my bills I checked my account every day from the 5th onward it was never put back into my account If it was why did the agent at PayPal tell me by phone on the 16th that it would be put back in the near future and then on the 22nd told by another agent from pay pal that it was put back into my account on the 10th I have contacted the F.B.I. And The Florida Department of Financial Services and other agencies. In my opinion PayPal have violated

the RICO, act and must be sued in Federal Court and not State Court because the incident involved a wire transfer. When I contacted my Bank they told me there was no reason for the money not to be transferred. Pay Pal agent told me my bank account was closed causing failed transfer and that was a lie
If anyone can give me information about exactly where Paypal building headquarters is physically located in the United States contact me at
Another victim wrote the following

A substantial sum of money was taken from my bank account by a PayPal Direct Debit. I did not create or authorize this direct debit and there is no record of this transaction in my PayPal account. I complained to PayPal and was told that my case was denied. As far as PayPal are concerned this is not an unauthorized transaction even though there is no record of it anywhere in my online PayPal account dashboard. I just want to warn anyone and everyone using Paypal that this can happen to you and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.
I find it interesting that PayPal is the one taking money out of my bank account and then the ones that decide if that was all right for them to do? That is like a robber being the judge at his own trial. It doesn’t work. And of course there is no trail of the theft since it was committed by Paypal. This is quite the scam they got going on. What can I do now?

Another victim wrote the following

Hollis, Distressed and Outraged and Robbed, Stabbed in the Back, Former Customer.
truth. Goodbye PayPal an Ebay company, see you in court.
Affidavit at my bank, but do date, I have not a dollar of the $5050 they cleaned out of my BANK account. I have heard of peoples PayPal accounts being frozen and cleaned out, but never feared they would do that to my BANK account. I never sold anything using PayPal, so it has nothing to do with chargeback. It has nothing to do with a purchase. Paypal won’t tell anyone (not even my bank) why they took out so much money in the first place. The worst part is PayPal acting as a bank did not verify any info when it TOOK my money, but wants to pretend its verifying till kindom come AFTER taking all that money out of a bank account.
I am calling on all people in the United States
To Stop using Paypal before they steal your money!

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