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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Serving Documents, Certificate of Service Information

If the other party in your case has answered or appeared, and you need to file additional documents in your court case, you will need to deliver a copy of the document to the other party. This is called serving the document.

You can serve the document on the other party if he or she does not have a lawyer. If the other party has a lawyer, you should serve the party’s lawyer.
Documents are often served on the other party by certified mail, return receipt requested, sent to the other party at his or her last known address (or to his or her attorney’s address). When you receive the green card, with the other party’s or the attorney’s signature, you and the Court will know that he or she received a copy of the document. The Rules of Civil Procedure also allow you to hand deliver or fax the document. You are also allowed to use a delivery service. Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, 21 (a).
Any document you serve on the other party must include a paragraph describing how you served the document. This is called a Certificate of Service.
A sample Certificate of Service looks like this:
Certificate of Service
I certify that a complete copy of the above was served on
, [PRINT the first and last name of the person you served.]
by : [Choose one]
certified mail, return receipt requested, certificate # ,
[PRINT certificate number from green card.]
at the following address: ,
fax, to the following number: ,
delivery service,
personal delivery,
on , [PRINT month, day and year.]
[SIGN your first and last names.] Petitioner, Pro se
For more and how to put this in force go to,

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