Monday, March 9, 2015

How Congress Conned the American People

Written By Jaro

Here's how Congress deceived the American people to submit to its FEDERAL jurisdiction. It's mostly by the use of ZIP codes. ZIP codes designate FEDERAL AREAS in States of the Union. Areas within States of the Union DON'T have ZIP codes! They are WITHOUT the United States, and are in United States of America. What they did was to divide USA into ZONES (Zone Improvement Plan = ZIP) for the purpose of designating federal areas.
For example, post offices are federal territories. They created ZIP codes for small areas such as a city, so that all post offices in that city would be in that ZIP code. And that ZIP code would also apply to other federal areas in that city or territory, such as military bases or federal buildings. So for example, all federal areas in city of Fresno would have one ZIP code, but that WOULD NOT include other areas in Fresno which are not federal. But if you were dumb and thought that federal regulations such as ZIP codes apply to people in your State, then you might start using ZIP codes, and so VOLUNTARILY submit yourself to federal jurisdiction that you were not subject to previously.

Furthermore, if you were a recipient of federal benefits such as Social Security, then you'd be receiving mail from the gov't with the ZIP code in your address, as the corporate gov't only has jurisdiction in federal areas, which are identified by ZIP codes, AND federal STATE designations such as CA, FL, NY, TX, etc.
And that means that if your address has a ZIP code, then it's in a federal area, where Congress has an EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION, just as if you were living in District of Columbia. And THAT makes you a SUBJECT to federal law, such as federal drug and gun laws.

So until about 1963 when ZIP codes were created, most Americans were living in States of the Union, which were OUTSIDE of Congress's jurisdiction (WITHOUT the United States), except if you voluntarily admitted to be a federal US citizen, by, for example getting an SSN. So until 1963, most Americans were fairly free, as only those with SSNs were federal subjects.

And after 1963 most Americans voluntarily started using ZIP codes and thus voluntarily submitted themselves to federal jurisdiction.

But that's not all. The NEXT STEP in corralling the American people under gov't control, was that the federal gov't created FEDERAL STATES for certain areas. So if there was a State of the Union called California, Congress would create a FEDERAL state called CALIFORNIA for the same area. So California is a State of the Union, while CALIFORNIA is a State of the United States, which consists ONLY of federal areas within California. One is in the Republic, the other one is in the federal Democracy.

And these ZIP codes also were the reason that around 1972, the US Post Office was replaced by US Postal Service. The US Post Office was a NATIONAL organization  created on the authority of the US Constitution, but since by 1972 most Americans were using ZIP codes and so living in federal zones, it became possible to replace the NATIONAL Post Office with a federal/private/DOMESTIC US Postal Service.

Now, the USPS still can deliver to people OUTSIDE of the ZIP areas, in States of the Union, but by default they consider all places within territorial USA as Domestic areas with ZIP codes, so they will add the ZIP to the address, if you don't. So if you were sending a letter to someone in a State of the Union (without a ZIP code), you'd have to mark it either NON-DOMESTIC, or INTERNATIONAL MAIL, because States of the Union are FOREIGN to federal United States.

And the reason why they can do this, i.e. replace Constitutional organizations with PRIVATE organizations such as USPS of District of Columbia, is due to the number of their citizens. Now there are TWO KINDS of citizens in USA; State Citizens of the Republic, and federal citizens of District of Columbia AKA the United States.
So when more than 50% of citizens in USA are federal citizens, then they can replace Constitutional organizations such as the US Post Office, with federal ones, such as the US Postal Service. So if a large number of US citizens would return back to the Republic and reached over 50% of State Citizens, they'd have to restore the Constitutional Post Office.

Furthermore, having an address with a ZIP code is considered a prima facie evidence of your RESIDENT status in a State. What does that tell you? As we know that ZIP codes designate federal areas, then being a State resident means being a resident of a FEDERAL State, i.e. State of United States, which obviously is NOT a State of the Union. Consequently, if you have address WITHOUT a ZIP code, you're neither in a federal area, nor in a federal STATE, such as CALIFORNIA, and so might claim being a State Citizen or Inhabitant.

And all this is why they spell your name in ALL CAPS, as well as the STATE, and the PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF.... I.e., when you see these all-caps NAMES, it means that these are all persons and entities of the FEDERAL CORPORATE Democracy, and not people and organizations of the dejure Republic.
BTW, if Congress was honest and not intent on subjugating the American people, they'd ONLY assign ZIP codes to Post Offices. So that ZIP code would not apply to your address but to the Post Office that delivers mail to your house. But that's NOT the case. Most Post Offices are designated by a -9998 ZIP code extension, as you can see here:

I.e. a Post Office is not the place assigned the ZIP, it's just one of many places within the ZIP area that is considered a federal region.
Further proof of this is the fact that the IRS has adopted the ZIP code areas as Internal Revenue Districts. And as the IRS is a federal agency with no authority in States of the Union, it's obvious that the ZIP codes designate FEDERAL areas where federal agencies have jurisdiction, without having to register with the State as a foreign corporation.
And the official definition of ZIP codes is that "US ZIP codes are a type of postal code used within the United States to help the United States Postal Service (USPS) route mail more efficiently. "

And (federal) United States is NOT the same as United States of America, as you can see in 28USC1746, which says "If executed without the United States: “I declare (or certify, verify, or state) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct." So USA is WITHOUT the United States. 
Here's some general info about ZIP codes:

So the SCHEME is that while no one forces you to use ZIP codes (they're NOT required for First Class and Priority Mail), in order to apply for gov't benefits, you're REQUIRED to provide it, thus submitting yourself to federal jurisdiction, as well as jurisdiction of the federal STATE. And that places you OUTSIDE of a State of the Union, and into the federal United States, where you no longer are protected by PUBLIC Laws of the Republic, but instead are subject to United States PUBLIC POLICY.

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