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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tarhaka Amaana El Bey


The Moors are the rightful owners of the land many call America
Their borders stretch from the border of ancient Kemet,
North and south western shores of Africa North ,Central, South,
America and all adjoining Islands.

What the Moors have to unite under is establishing their own
Economic bases through out the world.

Lets take one example in one city in America first they have to
Take money and invest in Marking devices to clearly show all
People where their community is located for example billboards
With a giant Fez on it and nothing else.

This billboard should be placed at every entrance and exit of their
Community. This is the first act, the territory must be marked just
like the coming of any new store or business.

All stores that are not owned by Moors are people of African
Decent in that community must be boycotted each house in this community must
Be visited and the resident must be informed in detail of the plan
To own and control the community. A copy of the blue print must be given
to the elders of each house.

Each resident should be encouraged to communicate to have one
Mind and to invest in their own community.

The Moors should never allow any money to leave their community
After the boy cots are over and the people who are not Moors or
People of African decent have been forced out by the boy cot.
Now the small donations from the community can be used to rent,
Own, stock, and control the buildings that have been vacated.
The moors should choose the best credit union possible for deposits
And reinvestment in their community.

Every one in the community must be taught their own ancient story
and how to use their indwelling spiritual power replacing harmful
religious beliefs, the children must be taught their own identity.
Community unity must be put in place immediately educational
materials must be provided to each house community economics
must be taught by conference call and hall meetings at least once
a week. If there are Churches in the community they should also
be made aware of the project and allow economics to be taught
in their buildings on a regular basis minus any religion, only
economics, finances, wealth, investments and money to promote
the strength and well being of that particular community only.

The order of the day is first education on economics, finances,
proper handling of money, making investments, community
financial structure, full community involvement must take place
for this type of growth to succeed in full swing. The people must
follow the blue print, every one must be on the same page on this
one, there must be no competition within the satellite, there are many
avenues that can be voted on by the community leaders the community
can set up stock market investment clubs, silver and gold investments,
real estate investments investments in the community created colleges
and universities which teach Law, commerce, economics, Moorish
Science, Supreme mathematics, The art of mating and the art of war
these are just a few examples of the investments that should be made
by the community and controlled by the same community.

The Moors should began immediately teaching and growing their own
Food each house in the community should be encouraged to grow food
In their own yard or in pots even if they live in an apartment.
Setting up organic mini farms on vacant lots hydroponic systems
with organic fish fertilizing organic vegetation maintained by the
women and daughters and sons of the community men who are
knowledgeable can also help when harvest time comes small flea
markets should be set up at the entrance and all outskirts of the
community to sell their organic product, they can also set up car wash
to be ran by women of the community, hair salons, nail salons barber
shops and their own credit unions are just some examples of self
industry but a small portion of profits must go into the community fund
for community control and expansion. Fruit trees should be grown in
every yard, the harvested fruit, grapes, pea cons and other fruit must be
made free to all people in the community and added to the market for
sale to other people not living in the community. This same system
applies to organic fish and veggies.

The Moors should gather the men of their community to provide
Protection, security, police, and enforcement by day and by night
Each man will simply ride threw and walk threw the community
Observing any and all activity with phone, walk e talkies or the latest
Communication devices and a central base of dispatch in the time
Of situation or problem. The men must be paid out of the community
Each house in this community must be protected.
All major decisions must be addressed at scheduled weekly community
Meetings and agreed upon before action is taken and monies invested.
All people in this community must have food clothing and shelter
All political decisions must be agreed upon by the community and
The politicians contacted in advance to make sure they will provide
Agreement for concessions in return for community vote. Or allowed
to post any signs or solicitation for votes the bottom line should be
what are you willing to do for this community in return for our vote
and money. Failure to do so must bring down the full weight of
the community Government we want the best that the politician can
provide and nothing less.

All single parent homes in this community must be contacted and
Visited and necessary support provided by the men of the community. The
Elder males must teach the young lions from educational materials
which should include video and audio
Single parents, sons and daughters can be employed cutting
the yards and other jobs in the community and paid by the
community and at lease three dollars from each job completed
should be given to the community fund to maintain investment
power. The men of the community must take up time with the young
men of the community in the area of health, relationships, manhood
and handling money etc, etc, and the women must do the same for
the young girls educational materials must be provided in the form
of books, video, audio and hands on.

This community should welcome capitol in commerce from people
Outside the community but no setting up of shop, if they are not
Moors and are not willing to follow the rules and guidelines set
By the community they must not be allowed to take up resident
And must be asked to leave the community immediately and the
Community policies enforced by the men acting as security.
The elderly should not have to use public transportation to get
to their appointments it should be provided by the community
fund. Every one not living in the community must go threw
security check they must go threw the men on patrol for visitation
of any one in the community. Moors living in the community
must make security aware of the appointment the information
must be relayed to dispatch and logged in on paper.
All women of this community must be able to sit on their porch
or visit the store any time, day or night 24 hours a day without
fear or harm because of the love truth peace freedom and justice
provided and adhered to threw-out the community satellite.

The remedy for such must be put into the by laws and rules and must
Be strictly enforced by the men of the community by any means
Necessary. Drug dealers must explain their actions to at least 25 men.
The people of this community should be offered self defense classes
Hunting and fishing skills, target practice and other skills in this area
Including access to communication with security forces 24 hours a
Day. The Community police must be in Uniform
The fence of this community should not be made of metal, gates, or
Bars but should be constructed with corporation, trust, protection,
Knowledge of self, and the marker the billboard with the Fez
On it, backed of by community watch of the people as a whole.
Security forces comprise the selected voices of the men who live in the
Community they will enforce community law.
Young men will be taught by the men and the community at large
Communication between all people living in the community must take place.
A complete list of addresses and phone numbers, email addresses must
Be provided to each house of the community whether they have a computer or not.

The elderly must be protected at all cost any one selling, pedaling, manufacturing
drugs of any kind must be expelled from the community.
This is just a small part of what is going to happen in and outside of America soon
Because the Moors have awaken the sleeping giant is standing up in his room
Join your Moorish American Government Now!
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Private Library in America and the removal of debt click
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