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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In Reality, What Is a Negro???

Tarhaka Amaana El Bey

Since All Men Are Created Equal We Now Know It Was Not God Who
Made The Negro. So Who Made The Animal With Four Legs Called
The Negro?
The above beast and litter (Creator unknown) graphically depicts the mysterious origin and perpetual self-breeding state of The American Negroes. This is how they have been made to appear to all recognized nations of the Earth. Negroes, also certified as “Blacks” and “Colored People” (NBC) at birth by the State wherein they are born or naturalized are all made exclusively in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. How has the Negro, while sustaining the physical appearance of Africans yet have the uncanny adoptability to imitate any nation on Earth; Still, themselves, remains nationless? Most NBC do not know they remain historically detached from every upright Nation of the Human Family? These beastly forms may appear grotesque to most scholars in serious research for the secret origin of Negroes. Albeit the majority of the most inquisitive of researchers are also unfamiliar with the ratification of the “Willie Lynch Theory” or the lawful State coffins which presently house the origin of these especial man-made people. Lawyers, Historians, Scientists and Clergy rarely uncover the clandestine truths lodged beneath the surface to 400 years of West African Slave trading which yielded nearly
100 million of nationals being stolen from her northwestern and southwestern shores. No one seems to notice there was not a single NBC found, made or kidnapped from the interiors of Africa. Blacks did not come to America. They were all made in the USA. The „Slave Labels‟ of “Negro”, “Blacks” and “Colored” were given to the West African Nationals as official marks that declared they had been duly reduced from Peoples into Slaves, Property and Beasts of Burden.
This criminal process of enslaving humanity is legally called “Denationalization.” The atrocity of man denationalizing another man ranks high on the scales of Federal and International Crimes with Treason, Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing. Living evidence of this modern day evil began with the Public Notices which marketed the 1774 Colonial Black Code Laws. These laws, contrived in the lodges of the York and Scottish Rite Orders, announced to the new Western World the African Gods of The Nile were dead and the Light of Egypt was being extinguished. In 1779 these laws were translated into the main Constitutional body of laws which were to
govern the world‟s newest autonomy. As the United States gained her sovereignty the Founding Fathers, who
were mostly European Masonic Slaveholders, proclaimed their Profane World of Property as the first order of business. To show the serious intent of the dehumanizing and making of the Negro, George Washington and other Masonic Framers wrote the denationalized West Africans into the very first Article (3/5 Clause) of the Constitution of The United States. Everyone else was written in as property, especially Women, Indians not taxed and the low-maintenance high-profitable Bull Market „Negro.‟ The only exclusion of this profane world were the only true citizens of the United States e.g. “White males, age 21 with sound mind and body.” After the Institution of Slavery was abolished in 1865, the European Brothers of a victorious North and Conquered South manufactured the NBC, whose names were now outlawed in Article-1 of the 13th Amendment, under their assumable jurisdiction appearing as “Persons” (Commercial Property) and owned by Congress in the ratification of the 1868 14th Amendment. Further evidence of denationalization of West African Nationals, the making of the NBC, can be found upon their Certificates of Live Birth. All State Certified Births, bearing the „Slave Names‟ of “Negro, Black, Colored and African American or their Vital Statistic Numerical-Alphabet Codes, are documented Strawmen into a perpetual life of Chattel. This way, as property, NBC can annually generate a trillion consumer dollars and yet not own anything the Citizens are bound to respect. Legally, property can not have rights or it may become equal to or greater than its owner. Since 1870, feigned Voting Rights of the Negro has been granted and expired 5 times (including July 2006 disinclined granting by the merciful Bush Administration via NAACP).
The ungodly making of the NBC is not only a sin but also a crime. They remain powerless when compared to the standard qualifications of all existing nations. Negroes, Blacks and todays self-proclaimed
“African Americans” do not have a (1) Free National Name, Religion, National Constitution, standards, principles, Country (Land) named after themselves, National Flag, Seal, Emblem and no Forefathers, genealogy or prosperity to offer their begottens. These family and Nation‟s necessities are too numerous to remain absent of inquiries. Yet, these questions must be answered by the “Have Nots” because the “Haves” use these requirements to preserve their freedom. When the USA abolished the Institution of Slavery, it also eradicated all
„Slave Labels‟ and opened the doors for a new Nation to declare themselves. Legally the word „abolishment‟
does not translate into freedom. Freedom and Citizenship has been assumed by the Negro for nearly one & a half centuries. Slave Governments do not have the power to free. True freedom must be attained by the displaced, captured or imprisoned. Those who continue to cling to the names and principles that delude to slavery are alienating themselves from the family of nations and subjecting themselves to all the abuses and mistreatments the Citizens care to bestow upon them. When legal slavery ended mental slavery began.
Who are the Moorish Americans? Moorish Americans are descendants of the Ancients Moabites whom inhabited the Northwestern and Southwestern shores of Africa. The Moorish Empire, with it‟s comity of Kingdoms, Nations, Countries, Tribes and Families was in full effect during the entire African Slave Trade until
1908. From this Moorish Empire came all African Nationals who were abducted, enslaved and transported to the
Americas and adjoining Islands. Because of the USA‟s indignant system of Denationalization, those Moorish buried in the shallow graves of Constitutional Laws, after 140 years, are the only descendant of US Slaves
remaining without a proper status, known by name and number. In this information-age the time has come for all
men to proclaim their free national name in order to be recognized by the Nations of the Earth. The Moorish were and are the processors of the keys to civilization and holders to peace on Earth.
MOOR FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Slave Master Thomas Jefferson, another one of the European Freemason
who assisted in the burial of the African God-Man, said: “One day they (The Negroes) will rise from the dust.” This is true but not as NBC. When wisdom was obscured in Ancient Khamit, the light of civilization went out the world over. Yet, there is still much wisdom to be learned from the descendants of Amexem, the first true and divine name of present day Africa. This is why the so-called Negro has been forbidden to gain the consciousness of truth and self. As bizarre as it may seem, the NBC is „Hiram Abiff‟ of Africa, the proverbial
„Rejected Cornerstone‟ displayed as the „All-Seeing Eye‟ detached from the Pyramid of Nations and the original
„Strawman‟ used to pay on the National Debt of Corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
O’ Great God of Our Forefathers Return My People Thinking So They Can Save Themselves!
Thought-provocations From The Archives Of The Moorish American National Government
Dr. Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey, GNC, Swift Angel #1

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