Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beating Home Land Security and other Law Enforcement Agencies.

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With Special Guest Shirley Ann Stewart 
And Muhammad Rashid.

Shirley Ann Stewart a Master Electrician, has spent a forty years (40) breaking a set of rules-the ones saying women are not qualified for her line of work. Founder of SAS Electrical Services,  for twenty eight years (28).
Shirley has lectured for Non-Traditional Careers for The Women Center.
The first woman to break the blue ceiling in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 26.
Shirley had a stint  acting career with Discovery Channel for a reality show called Garage Take Over as an electrician.
Shirley also was an electrical instructor for Fairfax County Adult Education.

Muhammad Rashid- ten year sovereign practitioner of International ,Admiralty, Constitution law, the remedy regarding the financial collapse at law would be bankruptcy law and negotiable debt instrument , trust law.Including tort acts ultra vires.


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