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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Does Empower Network Really Work?

After watching this short video clip below
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Before the turn of the Century 95% of people inside
The United States were self employed, but immediately
After the turn of the 20th Century 95% of the people
Work for 5% of America. Many leaders today speak
In terms of going to school to get a good Education
So we can get a good job. But I do not hear them talk in
Terms of going to school to get a good Education so we
Can open our own company and provide jobs for others.
So instead of waiting for people in leadership positions
In the United States to tell me it's time to own my own
Business I went ahead and did it and you can do the same
Thing which means you are the boss and you go to work
When you want to and not because you have too.
If you are going to be on line
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