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Monday, December 17, 2012

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  1. How do we unify? My interest is to assist and to be able to connect the dots in allowing true light to shine within and through me as I am moving towards Truth and to break all shackle of strongholds of any 3rd party (agents) and to remain totally free from their viscious ways of entrapment....So,that my linkage won't suffer ,nor any other who choose the same path as they are Knowing Thy Self as We are moving forward ....esp.when one have children or can't find their way out of darkness and don't think they have another chance at life,due to the shackles of the agents, backgrounds, or society shackles of limitations.....Connect All True Light,So that All Truth Be Seen....With All Praises Given....No matter where I am@ Truth Will Stand as I am within reach...