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Friday, November 30, 2012

Freedom v.s. Slavery 11/29 by Tarhaka | Blog Talk Radio

Freedom v.s. Slavery 11/29 by Tarhaka | Blog Talk Radio
 Listen in now at #BlogTalkRadio
Freedom v.s. Slavery
Back by popular demand
Tarhaka presents the return of the Grand National Chairman
Of the Moorish American Government
Dr Elihu

Pleasant Kareem Bey
Thursday Night November 29th 2012 at 7:00 pm est
Moorish Talk Live 100 at Blog Talk Radio
Call in with questions and comments
How will the United States Corporation carry out future genocide?
Why is it so important for people of African decent to declare their Nationality Now!
What is the position of the president of the United States on internal threats?
Why are States trying to break away from the Union today?
Why does the United States have concentration camps?
Why has the United States ordered thousands of disposable coffins?
Will the Constitution of the U.S. be suspended in a major conflict city wide?
Tarhaka presents the most comprehensive library ever, also Blacks Law Dictionary vol.#1 thru #9 now available. You can gain access by calling Tarhaka 904-303-9061 before 7:00 pm EST; you can also read full blog post taken directly from. Tarhaka Archives by going here go here for Tarhaka upcoming and previous broadcast
Hotep Moorish Kin Everywhere;

A new Era has been declared by the Last Prophet Noble Drew Ali and the time of Mental Slavery in the West has come to and end just as He has prophesied.
I will be featured on Divine Minister Tahaka A. El Bey's

Show this evening and my topic will be centered on the final stages of genocide in the West.
Since July 20, 1929 our People has gained the intellect of two Inmates in a prison cell, auguring over who sleeps on the top bunk; meanwhile the cell door has been open since 1913 and the Warden left in 1865.
It is time to wake up Moors and do not go to sleep any more!! Please do not miss this great warning. Call into broadcast #310-982-4184 at 7:00 pm est

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