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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Making of a Woman 08/30 by Tarhaka | Blog Talk Radio

The Making of a Woman 08/30 by Tarhaka | Blog Talk Radio
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Marriage Instructions

For the Making of a woman

Thursday Night August 30th 7:00 pm est
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The Noble

(A Nation’s Sacred
Ingredients for the
Making of Wives)

Our Ancient Forefathers were the first to use Marriage Laws
as one of the keys to civilization. Since then every nation have their marriage Laws. Now, for the first
time in centuries, “Marriage Laws” has been prepared for the Moorish Peoples of the Americas. Marriage
is also a form of Government for families within any especial nation. These laws are instituted with the
Husband as the owner and the wife as the administrative head of the household. Sons and Daughters are a
part and parcel of this government; they must obey and live the life accordingly. These lessons are
Marriage Instructions for the new Moorish American Nation from their first conscious Founding Father,
The Noble Prophet Drew Ali. The reason these laws and lessons have not been instituted is because they
must be activated and lived by the Moorish Peoples and enforced by their clean and pure theocracy. The
“Jump-da-broom-Tie-de-Knot” State-Regulated Laws of the U. S. A. can never be made applicable to the
divinity of a Noble People. But this is a new era of time now. Notice: these “Marriage Instructions” from
the Noble Prophet are issued to “Man” and “Wife” not ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife.’ The reason for this is
because Man is one who must first know himself as “God” and have his house in order before He
can qualify to support his wife and children. A Man is an extended attaché of his especial nation from the
heart of The Great God who is able to become a faithful citizen of society. In essence, he must be a
“God-Man” in order to take unto himself a wife. This makes him worthy of adoration and obedience.
Wives are made, not born. The building of a Wife derives its strength solely upon the
divine foundation of a woman because Allah is Love. Only from the infinite wisdom, found in the
sacredness of a Marriage Bond, can a wife be made from the pure foundation of womanhood. This
Subject Chapter XXI “Marriage Instructions For Man and Wife” contains many of the Marriage Laws
for the new Moorish American Nation. Remember in our National Marriage Laws before Man can “take”
(make) unto himself a Wife, it is only through the infinite wisdom of The Great God Allah for a God-Man
to truly make a Woman his wife. Her stations, e.g. wife, mother, etc. must thereby be in harmony with
her ordained freedom to unfold unto perfection as God. So, dear students let us use these supporting
chapters in order for us better understand the instructions and governmental powers in a Marriage:
The Making of a Woman
Thursday Night August 30th 7:00 pm est
Call in #310-982-4184 for questions and
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Invited back by popular request, Dr Elihu Pleasant Bey
Will be my guest on Moorish Talk Live 100 at Blog Talk
We will answer the following questions.
Why was there never a mass plan put in place
For healing the so called confused Negro in America?
Why were most Negros trained but never taught truth
Proper status or knowledge of self?
How is a Woman Made?
What part did women play in the forming of the first
Moorish Temple in America?
How should a Moorish woman carry herself in public?
Are Moorish women Goddesses?
What is the ancient role of Moorish women in Marriage?
What principals is Moorish marriage based on?
These questions and more answered Thursday night
Elihu Pleasant Bey Arthur of the #1 best seller Noble Drew Ali the Exhuming of a Nation And The book of Ali. To get these books and much more go to
Call into the National Conference calls 7 days a week #760-569-7100 access #437966#pound at 7:30pm est. contact Tarhaka for your copy of the most profound Library and Law Dictionaries in the United States, and free articles mentioned on the show #904-303-9061 before 7:00pm est

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